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Reagan on abortion

"Eight years ago when I become governor [of California], I found myself involved almost immediately in a controversy over abortion. It was a subject I'd never given much thought to and one upon which I didn't really have an opinion. But I was governor, and abortion turned out to be something I couldn't walk away from… .

"Strangely enough … [in California law] the unborn have property rights protected by law. A man can will his estate to his wife and children and to any children yet to be born of his marriage. Yet the proposed abortion law would deny the unborn the protection of the law in preserving its life.

"I went to the lawyers on my staff and posed a hypothetical question. What if a pregnant woman became a widow during her pregnancy and found her husband had left his fortune to her and the unborn child. Under the proposed abortion law, she could take the life of her child and inherit not half but all of her husband's estate. Wouldn't that be murder for financial gain? The only answer I got was that they were glad I wasn't asking the questions on the bar exam."

Ronald Reagan, from a 1975 essay reprinted in the new book "Reagan in His Own Hand"

Punks in prison

"Prison rape may be America's most ignored crime problem… . Prison rape tortures inmates, spreads AIDS and increases the power of racist gangs but almost nobody wants to talk about it …

"Stephen Donaldson, the late president of the activist group Stop Prisoner Rape, estimated that over 240,000 men get raped in prison each year … Accounts of prison life … depict a horrible pattern: Prisoners arriving at a correctional facility typically get challenged to a fight within a few days of arrival; those who fight poorly or run away get labeled as 'punks' or sex slaves.

"Punks usually young, nonviolent offenders, and often pretrial detainees typically fall victim to a series of gang rapes that may continue from anywhere from a few days to several years. A survival-minded punk eventually settles down to serve a 'man' who protects him from other predators in return for regular sex for the man and his friends. In effect this can amount to daily rape for years on end."

Eli Lehrer, writing on "Hell Behind Bars," in the Feb. 5 issue of the National Review

At taxpayer expense

"Jesse Jackson's revelations of his illicit affair and resultant love child aren't surprising.

"For years, he's been romantically linked with alleged paramours ….

"But what is indeed shocking is that, unlike a similar situation with the Rev. Jim Bakker of PTL, Jackson was able to get away with paying his latest kept woman, Karin L. Stanford, undocumented funds, which may have been illegally embezzled from one or more of his government subsidized, nonprofit Operation PUSH-Excel organizations. For years, Jackson and his organizations have been unable to document millions in government funds and tax-deductible … donations to his various PUSH-Excel entities… .

"As early as 1983, reports showed millions of misspent or missing funds… . By 1987, PUSH for Excellence failed to make payments on $671,000 owed to the Education Department… . PUSH also owed $557,000 to the Labor Department and $38,647 to the Department of Commerce… .

"And interestingly, a 1983 audit by the Education Department inspector general questioned or disallowed millions in PUSH-Excel expenditures, including $18,000 in travel expenses to employees who didn't work on the federal grants involved. One wonders whether the $40,000 spent to move Jackson's love and illegitimate child to L.A. was expensed similarly to us taxpayers… .

"That's why the Rev. Jackson's affair is no private matter. We're all likely paying for it."

Debbie Schlussel, writing on "Where's the money, Jesse?" Tuesday in World Net Daily at www.worldnetdaily.com

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