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Family man

"The number of single parents in the U.S. has quadrupled since the '60s, and there has also been an increase in violence and school shootings. All that stuff has increased largely because of a lack of parenting… . It really creates a big problem… .

"I see it firsthand in my family. If I am away on a film for three weeks, even though I come home every weekend, you can see the kids getting out of control. One person cannot create the discipline and the guidance and helping with homework… . It takes a lot of effort. If you are not on top of the situation, the kids lose confidence in you… .

"Since the '60s, many more women have gone to work outside of the home. The husband is at work, the mother is at work. Now the kids are always alone… . Youth today just don't have guidance… .

"To me, family has always been the basic foundation of everything. When I was growing up, both of my parents were home every night and played with us, and we ate together every night. It was normal to have breakfast, lunch and dinner together."

Arnold Schwarzenegger, father of four, interviewed by Christina Valhouli in Monday's Salon at www.salon.com

Undemocratic choice

"How far our culture in the United States has moved from a sensitivity to life as a gift from above … was brought home last summer by the decision of the Supreme Court on partial-birth abortion… . What medical experts have called 'bad medicine' is, sadly, now the law of our land… .

"There is something strikingly lethal about the abortion license; like a virus of special virulence, it poisons healthy tissues far beyond its original point of insertion into the body politic. At the moment, it seems to be poisoning the political process here in Washington, as nominees who hold a conscientious pro-life position are being subjected to media assault and partisan attack for their moral convictions. This is profoundly undemocratic… .

"Jesus spoke of some devils that can be cast out only by 'prayer and fasting.' It seems to me that our society is in such moral disrepair that only the combination of prayer and fasting can open our hearts to the Lord's action to fix it. I invite those who believe with me that our moral compass in America needs refreshing to join me in fasting on Fridays, not eating between meals, eating less as a sign of our solidarity with Jesus who chose to die on a Friday."

Baltimore Cardinal William H. Keeler in his Jan. 21 speech at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Joining his own army

"Victimization, of course, is the staple of [Jesse] Jackson's politicking. He makes victims out of high-school thugs in Decatur, Ill., and victims out of inept voters in Palm Beach, Fla. The strategy is always the same: shifting responsibility away from individuals and onto dark forces beyond their control.

"Now he joins the army of victims he has spent decades raising showing by his actions and his words that he is unfit to lead it… .

"Jackson's problem is that in his rush to resume his 'public ministry' and point fingers, he's turning a blind eye to the crisis of illegitimacy that is ravaging the community he purportedly represents.

"The statistic that bedevils black Americans is this: 68.8 percent of all African American children … are born out of wedlock.

"Compare that figure to the illegitimacy rates for other races: 16.7 percent for Asian Americans, 22 percent for whites, and 42.1 for Hispanics, and the cause of lingering inequality becomes very clear… .

"Name the social pathology where there are no dads, its incidence skyrockets."

Christopher Weinkopf, writing on "Jesse's Illegitimacy," in Sunday's Los Angeles Daily News

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