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Any ladies left?

At least one local chapter of the National Organization for Women is seeking some outraged women.

The Dulles NOW chapter says outcry from the female quarter over the womanizing of dethroned Republican Sen. Bob Packwood of Oregon and Rep. Gary A. Condit of California, a Democrat, is like night and day.

"The duplicitous Democrat-controlled 'feminist' claque obediently sits by the sideline, waiting to be coached as always," charges the NOW chapter just outside Washington. "Barely promoted head of NOW, the newly repackaged Kim Gandy has already demonstrated she was no more capable to stand up for women than before."

And lady lawmakers in Congress are similarly reposed, the chapter complains, saying "with the exception of a few Republicans, the usually longwinded House of Representatives is quiet."

Yet amid all the silence on Capitol Hill, the Northern Virginia women say, Americans once again "are subjected to the same woman-hating diatribes Condit and his staff obviously copy from the nasty Clinton-Lewinsky blueprint."

In line with the NOW Statement of Purpose, the Dulles chapter of NOW rebelled against its national office in 1998 when the organization sided with the White House in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, "betraying itself, the membership and all American women."

Lauer and Laura

A political marketing and public relations executive, who requests anonymity since his firm travels both the Democratic and Republican aisles in Washington, has struck a raw nerve of NBC's "Today" show host, Matt Lauer.

The executive tells us he'd written to Mr. Lauer regarding his "aggressive tactics" and "rude behavior" toward first lady Laura Bush during an interview Monday morning.

The next day, a return letter sent from Mr. Lauer's office Web address — [email protected] — arrived in the executive's mailbox.

"You wouldn't know my 'personal political beliefs' if they landed on your head," it began. "How dare you pretend to know my political background, and for your information the story in question was reported by the Times Of London, and several other newspapers. Must be nice to sit at home and second-guess what others do for a living."

Evicted tenant

"Not as good as when Republicans were in control."

Assistant Senate Minority Leader Don Nickles, responding to a reporter's question to rate the new Democratic leadership as the Oklahoma Republican stood in front of his old office, now happily occupied by Assistant Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat.

Job too well done

The Democratic National Committee's campaign coffers are apparently so full the DNC is laying people off.

So claims one former DNC staffer who, when handed a pink slip, was told the Democratic Party now wishes "to conserve" some of the money it's raised.

Meanwhile, one of the DNC's top fund-raisers, former DNC Finance Director Brian Hardwick, is said to have one foot out of party headquarters. Mr. Hardwick's preparing to rejoin former Vice President Al Gore as Mr. Gore campaigns extensively this fall for Democratic congressional candidates and weighs his own political entry in the 2004 presidential sweepstakes.

Western annex

Rep. Richard Pombo, a California Republican and rancher who sports a cowboy hat in his congressional photo, says he will draw together both sides of the Mississippi River as the new chairman of the House Western Caucus.

"As a rancher, I know firsthand that many of the laws enacted in Washington, D.C., have a disproportionate and unfair effect on us from the West," says the chairman. "I will work together with all members of the Western Caucus to change those laws that are unfair, and to see to it that all laws are enforced equally on both sides of the Mississippi."

The caucus is made up of 55 members who work to form one voice on issues such as Endangered Species Act reform, water rights, private-property rights and other issues affecting congressional districts in the West.

They're not wasting time. We're told Mr. Pombo and the caucus huddled privately this week with Vice President Richard B. Cheney on these and other issues.

Cool it

One Route 50 motorist, sporting the bumpersticker "Stop Global Whining," has obviously had his fill of melting glaciers, global warming and the Kyoto Protocol.

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