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Polygamy and limits
"Its nice to see the polygamy issue come to the fore in the trial of Utah telemarketer Tom Green, recently convicted for having five wives and 29 children. It means Americans must learn the limits of tolerance… .
"Sure we have laws against polygamy, but why? Is it just another 'prejudice of Western culture? Is it an old-fashioned bias that we moderns can do without?
"Many polygamous women tout the practice as a 'liberated female lifestyle, offering both a 'birth father and financial support without the messy jealousies and incompatibilities of monogamy. If Vermont approves gay marriages, can polygamy be far behind? …
"Although not very fashionable these days, there are still boundaries that we cross at our own risk… .
"What matters, then, when a Utah polygamist goes on television to brag about his multiple wives and children is much more than our ability to tolerate alternate lifestyles. Whats at stake is the relatively peaceful nature of our monogamous society."
William Tucker, writing on "Marriage and Morals," Wednesday in the American Spectator Online at www.spectator.org

Poll patterns

"A new Gallup survey about Americans attitude toward homosexuality follows predictable patterns of increasing 'tolerance.
"More Americans than ever (85 percent) say that homosexuals should have equal rights in terms of job opportunities, up from 56 percent in 1977. A plurality (40 percent) says they believe homosexuality is genetic, or in-born. On the other hand, six out of 10 people oppose 'gay marriage, and a majority (52 percent) opposes granting marital-type benefits to 'civil unions… .
"Most of these numbers reflect a trend toward acceptance of homosexuality that began in the late 70s. It may well be surprising that they are not even higher, given the relentlessly one-sided 'gay portrayals in the media ('Betty and Julie are like any other parents …) and the pro-homosexual scripts edited by 'gay activists for prime-time television and Hollywood films.
"But the poll questions themselves seem designed to elicit 'tolerant responses.
"None addresses how Americans feel about homosexual behavior. None asks respondents whether they would like their child taught by an openly homosexual teacher. None asks whether they believe that a lesbian lover in the house would have the same impact on a child as the childs father. And none discloses the preferential nature of special governmental protections for minorities."
Robert H. Knight, writing on "The Questions They Never Ask," Wednesday in World Net Daily at www.worldnetdaily.com

U.N. agenda

"When I hear about the United Nations getting involved with anything to do with firearms, I worry about it because I think their agenda is an anti-gun agenda. It is anti-private ownership of guns… .
"The U.N. is right now engaged in a very deliberate, long-term and serious effort to completely undermine the freedoms we have in America for private gun ownership. Make no mistake about it that is their agenda. They are exerting tremendous pressure on other member nations to become involved in this, and if our citizens dont wake up to this, we could be in a lot of trouble. If people dont know, then we could wake up one day in the not-too-distant future and find out our constitutional rights are meaningless because of a treaty that has been interposed and overlaid on our domestic rights."
Rep. Bob Barr, Georgia Republican, interviewed in the June issue of Americas First Freedom

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