- The Washington Times - Sunday, June 17, 2001

The fact that the Boy Scouts of America need official protection from Washington is a bleak measure of just how far off-course our cultural compass has strayed. The Boy Scouts have stubbornly refused to bend to passing fancy, i.e. the embrace of open homosexuality. For this, they have been viciously attacked by the forces of political correctness, branded as homophobes and bigots. They have been barred from the public school facilities they depend upon for venues to hold their monthly meetings. They have been forbidden from using public facilities or denied the use of facilities, such as campgrounds, that were formerly made available to them at no cost.
All of this because the Scout Law and Scout Oath represent the moral code and value system of a dying era — one in which those things we might subsume under the term, "family values" have become inappropriate, in bad taste, even. And more precisely, because the organization refused to permit an openly homosexual young man to continue in his capacity as a leader/role model for young boys. Twenty years ago, such a decision would not have raised an eyebrow; today it is the emblem of hateful discrimination.
Though the tide is against them, the Senate did manage to throw the Boy Scouts a lifeline last week by way of a rider in the just-passed education reform bill. It would provide the youth organization a legal remedy against public schools and other public venues that deny the Scouts equal access to facilities.
Gay rights groups and the mainstream media took immediate issue with this salve. Typical was the editorial in Fridays editions of The Washington Post, which sneered that the Senates action was unjustified given that the Boy Scouts "gratuitously discriminate" against homosexuals. Well, no they dont. What the Boy Scouts do is maintain they have the right to set forth and adhere to a venerable and sort of fuddy-duddy ethic that, among other things, does not embrace trendy notions about the moral equivalence of homosexuality. Liberals used to understand the idea of live and let live but this is not good enough anymore. Its not enough that the Boy Scouts have never been accused of harming or disparaging homosexuals. They must accept them and every cannon of the gay agenda. Only then will the shouting cease.
Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott summed it up best when he said, "I dont know quite how to react to the fact that in America now, even the Boy Scouts seem to be under attack … are motherhood and apple pie next? Is nothing sacred anymore?"
Unfortunately, the answer to that question appears to be that no, nothing is sacred anymore beyond blind adherence to whatever voguish notion the radical left decides to be the order of the day. All else is to be swept away, including an organization whose old-fashioned ideas of moral certainty no longer fit the times.

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