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Susan and Robert Levy, the parents of intern Chandra Ann Levy, asked D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey yesterday to "upgrade" their daughters case from its current status of "missing person."
The California doctor and his wife, speaking through their new attorney, Washington lawyer Billy Martin, urged D.C. police to make the case a higher priority for the department.
"After six weeks, we are hopeful that Charles Ramsey would upgrade this case to something beyond a missing persons," Mr. Martin said at a news conference.
Mr. Martin, who represented Monica Lewinskys mother during the Kenneth Starr investigation, also plans to assemble his own team of investigators to look into the disappearance of the 24-year-old intern.
The Levys, in Washington since Tuesday, made their first public appearance yesterday on the steps of the Watergate building, where Mr. Martins office is located. Mr. Martin addressed the media and answered all questions while the Levys stood nearby, heads bowed.
Afterward, the Levys and Mr. Martin got into a black Chevrolet Suburban to drive to the meeting with Chief Ramsey.
Executive Assistant Police Chief Terrance W. Gainer, who attended the meeting, said later there was no reason to upgrade the investigation because the department is already putting as much manpower into solving the case as it would for a kidnapping or a homicide.
"We explained to them the vigor with which we are investigating the disappearance of their daughter," Chief Gainer said. "Whether you called it a kidnapping or a death, it wouldnt change our efforts."
Chief Gainer said the meeting was a positive one.
After the meeting with the police, Mrs. Levy made a brief statement, saying she believed the police are "working very hard."
"We dont know where our daughter is. … I continue to hope and pray she will come back to us alive," she said.
At the news conference earlier, the Levys — through Mr. Martin — again called on Rep. Gary A. Condit to cooperate and come forward with any information he may have.
Mr. Condit, 53, a Democrat from Miss Levys hometown of Modesto, Calif., has been questioned by the police in connection with the case.
Mr. Condit has so far refused to answer questions from the media on any relationship with Miss Levy, but his spokespersons have said she was a "good friend."
Mr. Martin said the Levys "know the type of relationship" their daughter had with Mr. Condit, but refused to give any details.
The Levys had refused to talk to Mr. Condit when he called their home last week. Yesterday, Mr. Martin said the Levys wanted their lawyer to be around when they talked to Mr. Condit and would now "love to talk to" him.
"Now we are available," he said.
Mr. Condit released a statement after the Levys news conference, saying he would meet with the Levys and provide any additional information to them or the police.
"Anyone who saw Dr. and Mrs. Levy today … cannot help but feel their deep concern and worry. People following these events know that I met with police officials as soon as Chandra Levy was reported missing and answered their questions in hopes that any information I had could help find her. Since that time, I have spoken with police again and reached out to Miss Levys parents. If there is any new information I can provide, I will do so without hesitation," Mr. Condit said.
He also said in the statement that the media should show restraint, and that "tabloidization" of the case has done nothing to help find Miss Levy.
Mr. Martin said two former homicide detectives, Dwayne Stanton and Joseph McCaan, will join an investigation team set up by his firm. He added that his firm would fully support the investigation by the D.C. police and his team "will stay out of the way of the D.C. police."
Mr. Martins office has set up a phone number, 800/860-6552, for tips or information on Miss Levy.
Miss Levy, 24, was last seen on April 30. The former intern at the Federal Bureau of Prisons was preparing to return home to California for her graduation from the University of Southern California when she disappeared mysteriously. Police found her packed luggage, credit cards and drivers license in her undisturbed apartment.
Mike Lynch, Mr. Condits chief of staff, said the congressman would cooperate with Mr. Martins investigation if it does not interfere with the police. "He will cooperate fully with the police and any other appropriate venues," Mr. Lynch said.
Mr. Lynch said Mr. Condit was planning to meet with detectives Wednesday night, but they had to delay the interview because of a late vote and he will talk to the detectives as soon as he can.
He said he did not know why the police want to question him further about his wife, Carolyn Condit, being in town during the time Miss Levy disappeared.
Mrs. Condit flew into Washington on April 28 and stayed with her husband until May 3, he said.
"I believe he told them that a long time ago, that she was in town that week," Mr. Lynch said.
He said that despite all the innuendo surrounding the relationship between Miss Levy and Mr. Condit, Mrs. Condit still supports her husband.
"Shes supportive of Gary and concerned about the missing woman," Mr. Lynch said.
Mr. Lynch said that there was no romance between Mr. Condit and Miss Levy and that Mr. Condit still classified her as a friend.
He said that Mr. Condit has tried to help the Levys from the beginning and called in the FBI when Mr. and Mrs. Levy thought the D.C. police were not fully investigating the disappearance of their daughter.
He said Mr. Condit asked the FBI to inquire into the investigation and assist if possible.
"People keep forgetting his role in this. When the Levys thought the police were not making proper progress, he made inquiries," Mr. Lynch said.

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