- The Washington Times - Saturday, June 30, 2001

Noble: Dr. Leonel Cordova Rodriguez, the anti-Juan Gonzales, for sacrificing virtually everything anyone could hold dear in his courageous quest for freedom.

While the State Department was plotting to kidnap Elian Gonzales back to his prison island home, Dr. Cordova was doing everything he could to escape it. He spent a month in a Zimbabwe jail after he and a colleague dared to print criticisms of Fidel Castro while at a Cuban mission there. They were eventually granted asylum in the United States, and since then, Dr. Cordova has done everything in his power to bring over those he left behind in Cuba his wife, Rosalba, his stepson Yusniel, and their daughter Giselle.

Tragically, Rosalba was killed earlier this month in a motorcycle accident. Yet it now appears 11-year-old Yusniel and 4-year-old Giselle will soon enjoy freedom. They were given U.S. visas long ago, and late Thursday, international pressure finally lifted Mr. Castro's heavy, doddering hand enough to release them.

They will soon be reunited with their father, who risked everything he had for the sake of freedom.

Knave: David Brock, for betraying virtually everything anyone could hold dear in his bawdy quest of avarice.

Even traitors seem to show some scruples about blasting their betrayals all across broadsheets. Yet not David Brock, whose sellout has somehow managed to take treason to a new low.

Mr. Brock used to be, in the words of Alexander Cockburn, "an inky little snoop." He produced several pieces for the American Spectator on both Anita Hill and Paula Jones, and built up quite a bank account by doing so.

However, when the paychecks stopped pouring in, possibly because his book, "The Seduction of Hillary Rodham" didn't sell, Mr. Brock suddenly discovered a philosopher's stone of journalism immortality through infamy. In a tear-stained set of Esquire articles, Mr. Brock decided that everything he had ever written was wrong, even though he wasn't really willing to return the paychecks.

Now, Mr. Brock has a new book to promote, and, shockingly, he has found a new person to betray. In his latest work, he claims that everything he ever said about Anita Hill was wrong, and he is really sorry so sorry that it takes an entire book to say so.

Let's be blunt: Buyer beware.

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