- The Washington Times - Friday, March 16, 2001

Looking to liven up the truck market for the younger, more economical minded buyer, GMC has added another special-edition pickup truck to the fold.

The Hot Truck will incorporate some very desirable features, ones that younger drivers want, and leaves off some that tend to drive the price up. Sometimes well over what these folks want to spend, or are able to afford.

Dressed in bright Sunblast Yellow paint and Sportside body, the GMC Hot Truck is certainly not going to go unnoticed. That is one of those "good thing, bad thing" conditions. It is good to be noticed when you want to be. You know, when some attractive person of the opposite sex is walking down the street. However, it could be a bad thing when the folks in those black and white cars take notice. If a more subtle truck is more your flavor, the Hot Truck is also available in Sunforest Green.

Not that you would be doing anything that would cause the black and white to turn on those nasty old red lights mounted to the roof. Which happened to me while testing this Hot Truck. Fortunately, the two young officers of the law were not interested in my driver's license, they just wanted to get a closer look at the Sierra.

The Sunblast Yellow paint caught their attention, which is precisely the point of the color. They were not so impressed with the fact that GMC didn't add power windows, door locks or mirrors to the package. But, these guys were really interested when they found out that the base price on this special-edition GMC was just $21,250.

The Sierra Hot Truck is pretty cool-looking on the inside as well. Equipped with a dual-color yellow/ black leather-covered steering wheel, tachometer, 40/20/40 split bench seat, tinted glass and even air conditioning, make for comfortable cruising.

GMC has made a number of earlier special-edition trucks powered by V-6 engines, but this Hot Truck gets a powerful 270-horsepower, 4.8-liter, V-8 that gives it the rumble it deserves. Coupling the V-8 to a four-speed electronically, controlled automatic transmission, makes it an even more agreeable package.

Though this is a street truck don't be fooled into thinking that it is some lightweight, do nothing, can't handle the job kind of truck. A heavy-duty frame and a special handling and towing suspension make sure that you can still work this truck during the day and go out in style in the evening.

I must concede I think that the Sportside body limits the versatility of the pickup bed. Although, looking at the intended market, most of these drivers won't find that a problem.

Dressed for the street life, day or night, the Sierra Hot Truck will no doubt spend most of its life cruisin' the boulevard more than working in the warehouse district. Although it can handle the rough work, I have a feeling that none of these trucks will have to work for their keep. I can't see any owner tempting fate and taking a chance at getting a scratch on that Sunburst paint. At least it is good to know that if you wanted to work this truck hard, it has the GMC in its soul.

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