- The Washington Times - Thursday, March 22, 2001

Golden curls and swervy curves aside, Heather Graham has a saucer-eyed beauty that seems better suited to mythical fantasies than naughty comedies. Yet here she is, crude and silly again, in her fourth not-so-innocent farce in a row, "Say It Isnt So."
Miss Graham, 31, also was the sexy Felicity Shagwell in "Austin Powers 2," an opportunistic starlet in "Bowfinger," and a loyal ditz in "Committed."
Produced by gross-out kings Peter and Bobby Farrelly, "Say It Isnt So" casts Miss Graham as the dream girl of Chris Klein. Just as their relationship heats up, the couple discover they are brother and sister. In Beverly Hills recently to promote the film, Miss Graham was in a giggly mood as she recalled the laughs she had behind the scenes.
Q: How naturally funny are you?
A: I dont see myself as a comedienne who can just make people laugh whenever I feel like it, but I know that I like to surround myself with people who are funny. A lot of the times I make my friends laugh unintentionally. As Ive gotten older, Ive been trying to develop my sense of humor.
Q: How does it feel to get top billing on this film?
A: I dont know why they do that. I really think Chris is the lead, and its really about him. I guess Im just more well-known than he is. But Chris was great. Hes so enthusiastic, because hes just having a good time, and hes never jaded. Whenever he was around, the energy level of everyone on the set went up, because he has so much energy himself. I think his exuberance is really funny.
Q: What makes the Farrelly brothers special?
A: I think they are brave. They just know what makes people laugh, but I dont know how they know that. They manage to get away with making offensive things funny, but also keep a sweet story line going at the same time.
Q: Is there a line of good taste you wont cross for a laugh?
A: I guess if its in a good-hearted way, anything is fine. If its really mean-spirited, you can feel that its just not as funny.
Q: As far as gross-out jokes, can they ever get too disgusting for you?
A: Personally, I like gross humor. The things in their movies dont bother me. I dont think rape is funny, and beating women up is not so funny, but I dont mind grossness. Nothing is too gross. All those things like bodily functions, those are normal things. Why are they so taboo? Its like pretending that humans dont ever do these things. I think its good to make fun of them.
Q: Tell me about working with Sally Field, who plays your mother in the movie.
A: The day that I saw her wearing white little tight pants and colorful underwear underneath that you could see, I was just so in awe. I admire her. She is so cool, because she puts herself far out there. In a way, she is such a diva, because she has made her career last over all these years, and she could choose to just stand there and totally rest on her laurels.
Q: When you arent working, what do you like to do that keeps you entertained?
A: I dont really go to bars that much. I have a lot of good friends. I can cook a few things pretty well. I can make a good seafood risotto and a good sea bass. I can also make steak and chicken and different kinds of pasta. Im pretty good at following recipes and making new stuff. I like having my friends over for dinner, and then we play cards. I like going out dancing, too.
Q: Your last few films established you as a comedic actress. Will it be hard to go back to straight films?
A: Its funny because after I did this movie, I did two other movies that were both dramas. I did a movie called "From Hell" about Jack the Ripper, with Johnny Depp, and its scary. I also did a movie called "Killing Me Softly" with Joseph Fiennes and a Chinese director, Chen Kaige. That was a dramatic relationship thriller.
Q: What are you going to do now?
A: Im so busy, Im about to pass out. I did all those movies back to back. Now, Im going to take some time off and just relax and hang out with my friends, see my boyfriend and just do nothing and be lazy.

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