- The Washington Times - Thursday, March 29, 2001

Your March 27 editorial “Unfit to print,” about the news media´s failure to pick up on the rape and murder of Jesse Dirkhising, signifies why The Washington Times, Fox News Channel and the Internet have the liberal establishment media in such a hissy fit: They can no longer keep news from getting to the public. The media used to have the power to determine “all the news that´s fit to print.” That was when six or seven liberal outlets could determine which stories got attention and developed “legs” and, just as important, which stories had no national angle and would die quietly. Though the liberal media establishment insisted that it was unbiased, consumers knew the truth. It became clear that things were changing when, thanks to Internet journalist Matt Drudge, the establishment media could not suppress the Monica Lewinsky story. Fox News came on the scene, and CBS and CNN went into decline. The Washington Times ensures that the print establishment can no longer drown out the news that´s not “fit to print” but that we need anyway. Given a choice, people will vote with their remote and their subscriptions. At least now we have the choice.


Paris, Texas

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