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I left my heart …
More than one Republican operative infiltrated House Democratic leader Richard A. Gephardts $1.1 million fund-raiser at Washingtons Warner Theater this week, and for good reason.
Its not every day that Republicans, let alone Democrats, get to listen to legendary crooner Tony Bennett, Mr. Gephardts featured entertainment, for free.
"It was great to see Tony Bennett," one House Republican staffer acknowledges, "but it was even better to drink a Heineken on Dick Gephardts tab."
Trying to mix in with the staunch Democratic crowd were a top Republican House leadership aide, a leading Republican press secretary and several Republican advisers, including a former official with the National Republican Congressional Committee, and former aides to conservative Sen. Jesse Helms and his recently defeated North Carolina colleague, former Sen. Lauch Faircloth.
The Republican staffer says when he asked the other Republicans he bumped into why they were attending the enemys fund-raiser, he heard the identical refrain: "I was going to ask you the same thing."

Military loss

"What is the Republican leadership going to do, take the military construction subcommittee away from me?"
Rep. David L. Hobson, on agreeing to be the master of ceremonies at last nights second annual Republican Main Street Partnership dinner honoring the late Sen. John Chafee and other liberal Republicans.

Traveling show

In the no-longer-being-a-congresswoman-means-losing-your-perks category, we watched this week as former Democratic Rep. Patricia Schroeder carried her own lectern across a parking lot and into the U.S. Capitol.
Rather than retiring to her home state of Colorado, the outspoken Mrs. Schroeder remains in Washington as president and CEO of the Association of American Publishers.

Thought control

Wed written this week that Environmental Protection Agency employees were encouraged to attend one of four diversity-training sessions scheduled at EPA this month, presented by Nichols and Associates.
Since then, weve been handed an article by Alan Charles Kors from the March 2000 issue of Reason magazine, titled "Thought Control 101."
Heres an excerpt:
"The desire to 'train individuals on issues of race and diversity has spawned a new industry of moral re-education."
One of the most celebrated facilitators at the moment is Edwin J. Nichols, of Nichols and Associates in Washington, D.C.
"Nichols first came to the attention of critics of intrusive political correctness in 1990, when he led an infamous 'racial sensitivity session at the University College of the University of Cincinnati. According to witnesses, his exercise culminated in the humiliation of a blond, blue-eyed, young female professor, whom he ridiculed as a 'perfect member of 'the privileged white elite who not only would win 'a beauty contest but even 'wore her string of pearls. The woman, according to these accounts, sat and sobbed. These contemporaneous revelations did not harm Nichols career .
"The Bureau of Labor Statistics at the Department of Labor paid him $15,000 for diversity training; the Environmental Protection Agency got him cheaply at $12,000. Business is booming. Nichols has brought awareness to the employees of six Cabinet departments, three branches of the armed services, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, and the FBI; the Goddard Space Center, the Naval Air Warfare Center, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and NASA; the Office of Personnel Management, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the Social Security Administration."

Counting pages

The House yesterday finally approved the near $2 trillion spending package favored by President Bush, after an earlier vote was postponed by embarrassed Republican leaders, who misplaced two pages of the plan.
Not widely reported during the early morning (2 a.m.) confusion as aides scrambled to find the two missing pages was this televised reassurance to parents by Rep. Barney Frank, Massachusetts Democrat:
"Was it the other body that lost the two pages that resulted in our not being here or who lost the pages? I do not mean the human pages, I mean the paper pages. I want to assure all parents that all pages are present and accounted for."

Pause for pleasure

Dudley McDonald of Falls Church reports that historians have dubbed the Clinton administration: "Sex between the Bushes."

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