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'Survivor quotas
"If youre one of the less than 20 percent of Americans who watched 'Survivor II: The Outback, congratulate yourself.
"You just wasted valuable hours of your life that youll never get back. And spent time watching a microcosmic reflection of some of the worst cultural trends in our pop-culture-dominated world. Trends like feminism, fame-worship, and the dumbing-down of society.
"Tina Wesson, the backstabbing nurse who won the CBS 'reality show, was really no 'Survivor at all. …
"It all seems so carefully, deliberately choreographed by producers. Theres already a lawsuit from 'Survivor I contestant Stacey Stillman, alleging that Executive Producer Mark Burnett coaxed contestants not to vote out senior citizen Rudy Boesch early in the show, as CBS wanted to hold onto the older demographic through the end of the series. …
"It would make demographic sense that producers would push a female winner on contestants and viewers, this time around.
"A gay man, Richard Hatch, won the first 'Survivor, and a manipulative woman, Tina, wins the second one.
"It figures that a meritorious, straight white male wouldnt win this phony, manufactured 'reality show. After all, its national television and such role models are frowned upon. A heroic, straight white male? In Hollywood, theres no such thing."
Debbie Schlussel, writing on "Survivor of the unfittest," Tuesday in World Net Daily at www.worldnetdaily.com

Cadillac Congress
"Congress, particularly the Senate, has become a club for the third-rate rich and famous. In 1977, the disclosed wealth of the top 10 senators totaled $133.25 million. In 2001, it came to $1.83 billion. …Sen. John Kerry, the richest man in the Senate, married Sen. John Heinzs fortune …(by marrying) the widow Heinz, who is an even trendier plutomore. She had $620 million of Republican money from the Heinz ketchup fortune. Together, the Kerrys have put it in the cause of every New Age enthusiasm flapping its wings on the outer boundaries of the Democratic Party.
"As for those who stole their fortunes, well, over there skulks Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, enriched by her cattle futures deals, her $8 million book deal, her husbands famous pardons, and that furniture she pilfered from the White House to furnish her $1.7 million house in Chappaqua and her $4.5 million house near Georgetown."
R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., writing on "The Rise of the Plutomores" in the May issue of the American Spectator

Hollywood morons
Hollywood fare is not only mindless these days; most of it is quite literally thoughtless.
"The only intelligence on display is their astounding technical know-how. The people who have figured out how to create a realistic-looking army of jackal-headed warriors on a computer and then export the images onto celluloid are geniuses of a sort.
"But the people who write and direct these movies are, for the most part, morons. … It seems as though they have never watched a single, ordinary human interaction with enough attentiveness to be able to duplicate it on screen. The computer-generated images are more lifelike than the characters.
"Conservatives love to complain about Hollywoods political bias, but it seems to me Hollywoods bias these days is a bias against people and a corresponding idolatry of the glorious experiences that can be provided by machines. One of Hollywoods enduring forms has been the tearjerker, but there have only been two big-screen attempts at it recently 'Autumn in New York and 'Sweet November, featuring beautiful young women doomed to die from unnamed diseases. Both were so godawful you wonder whether anybody in Hollywood has ever known anyone who actually has died from any cause other than a drug overdose."
John Podhoretz, writing on "Back to Aquarius," May 4 in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com

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