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Kooky, not slutty
"'Bridget Joness Diary … supplies its heroine with a Hollywood ending, but also gives her a rich character, a sense of humor and a brain… . Bridget … is chunky, compulsive and sweaty. Yet shes a striving, compulsive sweater, so her plight plays as engaging… .
"Shes thwarting the rules brazenly but seems prepared to accept the consequences; she seems less a slut than a kook. Though we know shes flirting with disaster, we get the feeling that no matter what happens, shell pick herself up and brush herself off… .
"One of the keystones of Helen Fieldings book 'Bridget Joness Diary was Bridgets daily, self-flagellating listing of the alcohol, calorie and cigarette units she consumed… . Like many conflicted single women, Bridget was a hedonist striving for self-control."
—Amy Sohn, writing on "Indecent Proposals," in the May 28 issue of the Nation

Real faith

"Its easy to lose sight of our mission. We are not to clean up the world. Jesus didnt try to clean up the Roman Empire… .
"The people I tend to hear from are people who are either wounded by the church, disaffected Christians, or suspicious of institutional Christianity. And I think they respond to my own suspicions, my own honesty about the propaganda that doesnt always turn out to be true. And so I gain some trust from them by being just very honest about the church.
"I think evangelicals are a lot better marketers than Jesus was, for example. I look at how Jesus handled the Rich Young Ruler; in fact, all of Jesus invitations. He makes it as difficult as possible.
"The three invitations he gave are 'Take up your yoke, thats no fun, 'To bear our burden, take up a towel and wash each others feet, and 'Take up your cross. None of those are appealing. Whereas in America, its 'Gods going to do something good for you, you know, 'Gods going to improve your life, 'Gods going to solve your problems.
"Jesus never promised that Gods going to solve your problems. In fact, he said 'On my name youll be thrown into prison, Gods going to create your problems."
—Philip Yancey, interviewed by Michael Ireland, posted May 13 on at www.assist-ministries.com

True love?

"People said her marriage would never last, but — as people often are about the voluptuous Anna Nicole Smith — they were wrong. In 1994, when the former exotic dancer, Playboy Playmate of the Year, and Guess jeans model married J. Howard Marshall II, an 89-year-old Texas oil tycoon … the skeptics predicted a short-lived match, and indeed Marshall passed away the following year.
"But that was not the end of the relationship. Smith and the elderly billionaire who fell for her while watching from his wheelchair as she stripped are together in spirit even to this day, entwined in a battle over his estate that may well go on until Smith, now 33, is almost as old as Marshall was when he tipped her that first $20… .
"One can only conclude that Smiths marriage was a true love match and that she deserves a hefty settlement. The wait has been excruciatingly difficult. Since becoming a widow six years ago, Smith has been through bankruptcy, rehab, and a sexual-harassment suit… . Still, she prefers to look forward, not back. She has a new Web site, annanicole.com, and she claims to be entertaining several movie, TV, and modeling offers. And someday, if theres any justice, shes going to be very, very rich."
—Walter Kirn, writing on "Whats Love Got to Do With It?" in the June issue of Vanity Fair

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