- The Washington Times - Saturday, May 19, 2001

The last census shows that whites are now a minority in California. As a result, the San Diego City Council will no longer use the word "minority" when referring to ethnic groups. This smacks of blatant discrimination. Now that whites can take advantage of all the laws that go toward protecting minorities, they are dropped like hot potatoes. There is not a lot of agreement on what the word minority means, and some feel that eliminating the word is ridiculous, but then we have had government figures who didnt know what the word "is" means.

It´s been a bad week for the entire country. The United Nations has thrown the United States off of the Human Rights Commission and added Sudan, a slave-trading nation. If that´s not enough, we also were eliminated from the drug-trafficking commission. Do we really need the United Nations? Has it accomplished anything other than filling up hotel rooms in New York City? It looks like the United Nations is going down the same path as the League of Nations.

In New York City, a private school has stipulated that Mother´s Day and Father´s Day cards will not be allowed. We don´t want to upset the kids living with same-sex parents. Maybe they would allow Happy Human Being´s Day, but this might offend the animal rights people. The school in question charges an outrageous tuition, and the mothers and fathers should take advantage of the fact that they can pull their kids out of a private school anytime they feel their minds are being twisted by radicals.

We were also treated to another humiliation by China, that great nation that fears religion more than nuclear devices. We can´t fly our plane home, and it´s questionable if we can even box it up for shipment. Let´s send a missile crammed full of religious leaflets to all of the major provinces. The Chinese look at the spread of religion much like they would look at biological warfare. In fact, they are probably better equipped to deal with a plague than with the truth

In another astounding development this week, we find insurance companies going after the pharmaceutical companies. Health insurance people feel that some drugs could be sold over the counter rather than through prescription. In other words, the insurance people feel the pharmaceutical people are making too much money. If the health insurance people convince the Food and Drug Administration that they have a case, your HMO will most likely tell you that there is no reimbursement for over-the-counter drugs.

One of the more bizarre news stories came out of Australia, where rats were purposely released on the runway at a fashion show. It seems one of the critters was killed when a curtain rod fell on it, and the animal rights people are making a fuss. I wonder how New York City models feel about rats on their runway. I suppose it´s better then having them in your dressing room. There was no explanation why rats and the latest fashions go together. It was noticed, however, that the rats seemed much better fed than the models.

Dick Boland is a nationally syndicated columnist.

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