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Guam is the glue of U.S. security in Asia

Your report on the recent Rand study was on the mark ("Pentagon study urges shifting Asian focus nearer to Taiwan," Nation, May 15). The Rand report notes that the current military posture does not adequately address the potential for armed conflict between China and Taiwan.
As you reported, the study recommends developing Guam into a major hub for the Air Force and Navy. The people of Guam have always embraced our unique role as the linchpin of U.S. security in Asia, and I would reassure Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and Pentagon planners that we would welcome an increase in the military presence on our island.
We have the infrastructure to host more aircraft and ships. As many of your readers may recall, during the Vietnam conflict, more than 150 B-52 bombers were stationed at Andersen Air Force Base in northern Guam. We believe that we are the best location for a new B-2 squadron protecting all of our Asian allies. We are also the logical site for home-porting Navy ships that contribute to regional security.
Guam has been a U.S. territory for more than 100 years and was invaded by hostile forces during World War II. We, more than any other Americans, understand the value of regional security in Asia and are ready to do our part.

Governor of Guam
Agana, Guam

Family planning isnt fashionable

D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, when asked what elected officials should do about black children in poverty, cited the "disappearance of marriage" in large sections of the black community and said the task for black elected officials is to tell blacks, "Weve got to talk about marriage again Weve got to make it fashionable" ("Inside The Beltway," May 16).
If she is serious, the first thing she needs to do is cut the umbilical cord between herself, most other black elected officials, her Democratic Party and the family planning lobby. According to Marc DeYoung, a senior researcher for Stop Planned Parenthood, "Since the inception (of "family planning" with the Title X program) in 1970, the birth rate to unmarried teens has nearly doubled, the annual number of divorces nearly tripled, and the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases has skyrocketed, with 1 in 4 sexually active teens now infected with an STD."
Some $4 billion has been spent since 1970 on family planning, which in large measure teaches teens sexual irresponsibility and devalues marriage. The latest census figures provide the legacy of Title X funding: huge increases in cohabiting couples and single-parent households, the bedrock of poverty. Mrs. Norton and her Democrat cohorts have magically pulled the poverty rabbit out of an otherwise rich economy.
Picture Mrs. Norton giving condoms to teens and telling them that marriage is "fashionable." Is that a contradiction or what?


Crossed up in California

I was sorry to hear that a small cross in the middle of a big desert in Cima, Calif. adversely affects former park employee Frank Buonos use and enjoyment of the area ("Desert cross draws lawsuit," Culture, et cetera, May 17). It only makes sense that he should wield the godless rhetoric of the American Civil Liberties Union to intimidate the citizens of his town to make sure the offending article is removed.
Local veterans looking to heal the wounds of World War I erected this cross in 1934. I wonder, did Mr. Buono fight in that war? Probably not. But he still seems to think he has the right to tell people from where they should seek comfort.
This little piece of desert had the misfortune of being declared a part of the Mojave National Preserve in 1994. Those who were not even born when its small claim to history occurred, now think they have the right to obliterate what has gone before. I find that ironic.
Why does Mr. Buono hate the Christian cross? If he ever should have the opportunity to serve and watch his comrades die, he may wish to erect some symbol of his belief, even if it be a belief that does not include God. Mr. Buono should consider how he would feel if he was forced to remove this symbol, to see the embodiment of his belief defiled and rejected.
It seems that Mr. Buono is outnumbered in his community (hence the need for the ACLU bully). I suggest he face his house in another direction and let go of his hate.
Thanks to Rep. Jerry Lewis, who refuses to be bullied, and to Henry and Wanda Sandoz, who maintain this reminder of our mortality and our freedom at their own expense.

Falls Church


After reading the article "Desert cross draws lawsuit," about the ACLUs involvement in a legal battle to have a cross removed from federal property, I became very concerned.
Please dont let anyone tell the ACLU the condition that exists at Arlington National Cemetery.I pass that piece of federal property every day on my way to work and see thousands of crosses in rows stretching from one end of the cemetery to the other.

Woodbridge, Va.

Put the Mitchell Mideast report into action

We have constantly heard Israel call on the Palestinian Authority to abide by its rules, end the violence and continue the peace talks ("Suicide bombers attack prompts Israeli air strikes," May 19). Yet in their own hypocrisy, while Israeli leaders call on a people they have abused for decades to abide by their rules, they reject international law and certain elements in the Mitchell report, the findings of a U.S.-led inquiry into the seven months of Israeli-Palestinian violence.
U.S., European and Arab leaders have called the report excellent, fair and balanced. Yet it is the Israelis, in the political-diplomatic arena, who have been the lawbreakers. The Palestinian Authority condemned the most recent and tragic act of terrorism in Netanya, but Prime Minister Ariel Sharon responded with massive retaliations. How can Israel expect the Palestinian Authority to control its own people, when Israel is destroying its already-weak rule of law and infrastructure? And how can the United States expect to achieve peace when it ignores ignore Israels human rights abuses? Is it any wonder that the United States was voted off the U.N. Human Rights Commission?
It is time the United States put its words (from the Mitchell report) to action for the sake of peace.


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