Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Yankee Taliban
“In early March, most of the sensitive people of the world were shocked by reports that the Taliban, who control almost all of Afghanistan, were destroying all of the relics of the Muslim nations Hindu and Buddhist past. Their most spectacular depravation involved two huge statues of the Buddha carved into a cliff face… .
“In the United States, or more precisely, in the states that formed the old Confederacy, there are American ‘Talibans at work, seeking to remove all memory of part of the heritage of the region and the nation. The year 2000 saw the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the Columbia, S.C., Statehouse under pressure from black activists and right-thinking liberals from the North and South… . The state of Georgia has adopted a new flag, removing the Confederate banner from a prominent place… . In the state of Louisiana, schools named for slave-owners such as George Washington … have been renamed to honor less-famous figures of African-American heritage.
“As … civilized nations recoil in horror at the destruction of the stone Buddhas, we should reflect on the fact that we have our own variety of Taliban revisionism, and while we are not yet blowing them to bits, we are beginning to eliminate statues of prominent Americans who are much more a part of our shared history than the Afghans demolished Buddhas were to theirs.”
—from “Americas Talibans” in the May issue of the Religion & Society Report

Day care dilemma

“American mothers are far more likely to be troubled by day care — precisely because the way we Americans raise our kids depends upon knowing a child — and being known by him — as a unique and irreplaceable object of love.
“So the ultimate irony is that the very same American individualism that has feminists demanding absolute equality with men makes it almost impossible for women to achieve it. Our individualism drives our ever-more-radical demands for equality, but it also makes us build our families upon love. And love is a jealous mistress.
“Women nowadays want equality with men, but they also want to express their unique personalities through the way they love and raise their children. That means its hard to give those kids up for as long as it would take to get to the top of the corporate ladder. Even if a woman were convinced that spending the larger share of the week in day care would do her child no harm, it would still be difficult to give that child up… . Precisely because of our democratic, individualist culture, we Americans will never fully reconcile ourselves to day care.”
—Stanley Kurtz, writing on “A Mothers Love,” May 12 in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com

Honky hypocrites?

“While he was in office, [President Clinton] spoke of the joys of diversity, of looking forward to the time when whites become a minority. And where did he decide to buy houses after leaving the White House? In Chappaqua, N.Y., which is about as white a place as can be found this side of Iceland, and in … the whitest part of Washington, D.C.
“Sen. Edward M. Kennedy … is just as hypocritical. He was an important backer of the 1965 immigration reform that threw the country open to Third-Worlders. He is always promoting integration, and talks as though living with Mexicans and Guatemalans were a wonderful thing. Yet in his own life, he has steered entirely clear of the benefits of multiculturalism.
“His children went to private schools and vacation in Hyannis Port. There arent likely to be many Haitians around when Edward Kennedy goes for a swim. He is therefore a proponent of diversity, but only for people who dont have the money for private school and vacations on Marthas Vineyard.”
—Jared Taylor, writing on “Arguments for Our Side,” in the June issue of American Renaissance

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