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Democrats are simply better at politics than Republicans. When Democrats win elections, they fire Republicans immediately. Republicans, however, tend to keep Democrats on, saying they are "experienced" or "professional." Anyone who doubts that should take a look at the number of Democrats burrowed in at the United Nations.

Immediately after Bill Clinton´s election, his administration asked U.N. Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali to command the immediate resignations of Ambassador Joseph Reed, undersecretary-general in charge of the U.N.´s 50th anniversary and Richard Thornburgh, who had the critical position of undersecretary-general for administration and management, which included oversight of U.N. reforms.

Mr. Boutros-Ghali complied and President Clinton replaced Mr. Reed with Gillian Martin Sorensen, a left-wing Democrat activist. Mr. Thornburgh´s crucial senior post went to Joseph Connor, a Clinton Democrat and former classmate of Warren Christopher.

Shortly before last November´s election, Mr. Connor told colleagues he would not stay one day beyond Nov. 7 if George W. Bush were elected: He claimed to be embarrassed by any Republican´s foreign policy. Today he claims to have a contract to continue in service, though in fact he serves at the pleasure of Secretary-General Kofi Annan i.e., he is not a career international civil servant.

Mrs. Sorensen also continues to serve in a political position, as an adviser to Mr. Annan, while her husband, JFK ghost-writer Ted Sorensen, writes some of Mr. Annan´s top speeches. Mrs. Sorensen gives an occasional speech herself, a recent one of which, at a gathering of students in a U.N. Secretariat hall, condemned the election of President Bush. According to people sentenced to sit through her talks, Mrs. Sorensen regularly attacks Republican principles. In conversations she has referred to President George W. Bush as "a joke."

Mrs. Sorensen and Mr. Connor conspired with others around Mr. Annan to keep John Bolton, a center-right Republican of fine reputation, as far from the U.N. as they could. (Having served as assistant secretary of state for International Organizations, Mr. Bolton was a logical candidate for U.S. ambassador to the U.N.) They even let it be known that he would be considered persona non grata. They knew that Mr. Bolton, acquainted with the U.N.´s inside workings, could not be manipulated. "Anybody but Bolton" was their battle cry.

In l999 Congress passed the bipartisan Helms/Biden bill to force the U.N. to adopt normal management practices and to delay payment of some U.S. dues until such actions were taken. But with the connivance of the Clintonistas little has been accomplished. Audits that would make managers accountable have been inadequate. Waste continues, and downsizing has been thwarted by hiring ex-employees back in off-budget positions. U.N. audits are performed infrequently and then only by unqualified individuals. The United States, the organization´s largest contributor, has still not been allowed to audit U.N. records and books, although Helms/Biden requires it.

U.N. Trust Funds are slated for specific purposes, removing land mines, for example. But under the stewardship of Mr. Connor, the U.N. has been charging these trust funds 15 percent of their budgets for unspecified overhead i.e., luxurious travel and staff padding.

Catherine O´Neill, a Clinton activist appointed by Madeleine Albright with ties to Mrs. Clinton, continues to head the U.N. Information Center, the organizations Washington office. Equally odd is the continued employment of Clinton appointees at the United States Mission to the United Nations. One insider said the U.S. Mission "looks as if Gore had won the election."

Mr. Annan himself is part of the problem. By tradition, a secretary-general does not make political appointments from countries which have just changed their administrations without sign-off by the new government. But Mr. Annan has just appointed two Americans without consulting the Bush administration: Princeton Professor Michael Doyle, who has been made special adviser to the secretary-general, and Michael Sheehan, one of Mrs. Albright´s favorite appointees at the State Department.

The mission´s chief of protocol, Millie Herman Meyers, a major Clinton donor, has magically been transmogrified into a civil servant and moved into the public affairs office.

Peggy Kerry, sister of Democratic Sen. John Kerry, remains, as does Ambassador Betty King, a Clinton friend from Arkansas and Democrat Sue Shearhouse still heads the Resources Management section, directing U.N. budget and personnel policy.

People are policy. When U.N. Ambassador-designate John Negroponte gets confirmed, he will have to root out the Clinton people if he wants to promote George Bush´s policies, i.e.,if he wants to be good at politics.

M.D.B. Carlisle was assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan administration. Daniel Oliver was chairman of the Federal Trade Commission from 1986 to 1989.

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