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Washington centerfold
Yes, that's Brit Hume, Fox News Channel's star anchorman, chief Washington correspondent and managing editor, exposing all he can in the January 2002 issue of Playboy.
"Hume's role in a conservative-leaning network wouldn't have been predicted from his background," the popular men's magazine observes. "He grew up in Washington, where his father worked as an inventor. When his brother reached draft age, his parents protested against the Vietnam war."
Playboy describes Mr. Hume as an "unexceptional" student who barely graduated from college, but fortunately like the rest of us he "found his calling when he walked into a newspaper office."

Newt's laws
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who sports the hat of senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, says in order to achieve victory in the war on terrorism, the United States and its allies must adhere to 10 principles:
1. We are at war. ("We have to defeat terrorism to preserve our safety, our freedom, and civilization as we know it. We have no alternative. We must win.")
2. In war, your enemies are allowed to be clever, courageous, and determined. ("Time is always on the side of evil. That is an important premise of history.")
3. In war, your vision of success is decisive for the rest of your achievement. ("The only legitimate vision is the defeat and destruction of the terrorist system. That requires that we declare terrorism to be a crime against all nations, just as we did with piracy.")
4. The stakes are enormous. ("September 11 is a tragic, but providential warning of a much worse future.")
5. We must insist on change. ("Because we now have vivid proof in New York and Washington of the future if we do not.")
6. To achieve victory we must plan a coercive, not a consensual campaign. ("In a coercive campaign you say, 'Anyone not doing X, anyone not doing the minimum we have set, will have to be replaced.'")
7. The campaign has to be comprehensive. ("The war has to be fought on economic, military, diplomatic, and political fronts.")
8. All coalition members must be willing to support our plan. ("Any country harboring terrorists cannot claim to be passive.")
9. We have to sustain freedom every day. ("[Terrorists] do not have to hit every day. We have to sustain freedom every day.")
10. We must continuously communicate to the American people and to most people around the world what it means to be on our side. ("The campaign to defeat terrorism will last only as long as it has popular support, and that support will require a sustained major information campaign both at home and abroad.")

Pentagon salute
Officially, that was a "Southern Salute" given at the Pentagon.
Republican Reps. Bob Barr and Johnny Isakson of Georgia joined Williamson Brothers Bar-B-Q of Marietta and Canton, Ga., to host a Southern Salute this week for more than 1,000 military and rescue personnel assigned to the Pentagon since September 11.
The Williamson Brothers, gastronomically famous in the South, drove up two trucks from Georgia filled with roughly 300 chickens, 300 pounds of pulled pork, 2,000 hamburgers, 2,000 hot dogs, and 50 gallons of baked beans and potato salad.

Memorial to millions
The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation has made significant progress in selecting a "prime site" in downtown Washington for construction of a memorial and museum to commemorate 100-plus million people who died at the hands of communism in the 20th century.
Details are to be announced at the foundation's third annual Truman-Reagan Freedom Awards Dinner on Dec. 11, the principal address to be given by Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser under President Carter.
Retiring five-term Sen. Jesse Helms, North Carolina Republican, and Soviet dissident and human rights activist Vladimir Bukovsky will be presented with the Truman-Reagan Freedom Medals for their roles in promoting freedom and democracy throughout the world.

Trolls in town
Terrorists haven't stopped trolls from making their annual pilgrimage to Washington.
Several Norwegian mountain trolls are rearing their ghastly heads within the largest portable Scale G train display in the world 32 feet by 16 feet at Washington's Union Station, featuring a Norwegian winter landscape of farms, fishing villages, stave churches, ski jumps and those trolls.
The massive train set is part of the fifth annual Norwegian Christmas at Union Station. And yes, that was former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright on hand last night to light the giant Christmas tree presented to Americans by the city of Oslo, symbolizing the friendship between the United States and Norway.

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