- The Washington Times - Tuesday, November 6, 2001

A labyrinth of water pipes dating back to the Eisenhower administration finally gave way in Rock Creek Park yesterday as a water main burst and sent a geyser of water 150 feet in the air for an hour and a half, shattering several car windows in the process.
It also left a sizeable number of customers in Northwest without water for cooking or after-work showers.
One unidentified woman whose car windows were smashed by the burst's impact suffered minor injuries.
"She got quite soaked. She was pretty startled by the incident," said Lt. Steven Odell of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department.
The water main burst shortly after 9 a.m. and rained water onto the eastbound lanes of Military Road between Oregon Avenue and Beach Drive for well over an hour. Part of the roadway was submerged under two feet of water and was closed to traffic.
The 48-inch water main erupted when D.C. Water and Sewer Authority (WASA) contractors were repairing an existing smaller leak. This put pressure on other parts of the main and caused the burst, according to WASA spokeswoman Libby Lawson. It took approximately 90 minutes to stop the geyser because of the size of the main.
"Hundreds of thousands of gallons of water was lost," she said.
Military Road was closed to all traffic from 14th Street through Oregon Avenue until late afternoon, when both westbound lanes and one lane of eastbound traffic were reopened to accommodate rush-hour commuters.
WASA officials are considering closing Military Road again to make additional repairs to the main after this morning's rush hour. On first inspection, they saw no signs of damage to the roadway or a nearby bridge.
The pipeline delivers water to hundreds of customers from Military Road west to 41st Street and Reno Road, and Connecticut Avenue between Tilden Avenue and North Hampton Street. Workers were toiling late last night to reroute water to them.

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