Wednesday, November 7, 2001

Excerpts of President Bush’s videotaped remarks yesterday to the Warsaw Conference on Combatting Terrorism:
Like the fascists and totalitarians before them, these terrorists al Qaeda, the Taliban regime that supports them, and other terror groups across our world try to impose their radical views through threats and violence. We see the same intolerance of dissent, the same mad, global ambitions, the same brutal determination to control every life and all of life.
We have seen the true nature of these terrorists in the nature of their attacks they kill thousands of innocent people and then rejoice about it. They kill fellow Muslims, many of whom died in the World Trade Center that terrible morning and then they gloat. …
We have also seen the true nature of these terrorists in the nature of the regime they support in Afghanistan and it’s terrifying. Women are imprisoned in their homes, and are denied access to basic health care and education. Food sent to help starving people is stolen by their leaders. The religious monuments of other faiths are destroyed. Children are forbidden to fly kites, or sing songs, or build snowmen. A girl of 7 is beaten for wearing white shoes. Our enemies have brought only misery and terror to the people of Afghanistan and now they are trying to export that terror throughout the world.
Al Qaeda operates in more than 60 nations, including some in Central and Eastern Europe. These terrorist groups seek to destabilize entire nations and regions. They are seeking chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Given the means, our enemies would be a threat to every nation and, eventually, to civilization itself.
So we’re determined to fight this evil, and fight until we’re rid of it. We will not wait for the authors of mass murder to gain the weapons of mass destruction. We act now, because we must lift this dark threat from our age and save generations to come. …
As I’ve said from the start, this is a difficult struggle, of uncertain duration. We hunt an enemy that hides in shadows and caves. We are at the beginning of our efforts in Afghanistan. And Afghanistan is the beginning of our efforts in the world. No group or nation should mistake America’s intentions: We will not rest until terrorist groups of global reach have been found, have been stopped and have been defeated. And this goal will not be achieved until all the world’s nations stop harboring and supporting such terrorists within their borders.

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