Wednesday, November 7, 2001

Doesn’t anyone in the media remember what the ultra-left is all about? In recent weeks, leaders of the Workers World Party and the National Lawyers Guild have been on television pretending to be “peace advocates” and “civil libertarians.” They are neither. Workers World, which led the demonstration in Washington a few weeks ago, is a small Marxist-Leninist sect that supports the communist governments of Cuba and North Korea and violence prone anti-American movements in other countries. This group has been operating under the name International Action Center for a number of years, and, more recently, under the name Act Now to Stop War & End Racism. Their propaganda organ is called “Worker’s World.”
The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) recently sent e-mails to Muslim-American organizations urging them to tell their members “If the police or FBI or INS or anyone else tries to question you or tries to enter your home without a warrant, just say No! Anything you say to the police, FBI, INS, etc. will be used against you and others.” Most Muslim Americans are loyal to this country. The FBI, tracking down the terrorist cells that organized the mass murder of September 11, needs their help to identify terrorists hiding in their community. The NLG wants to prevent them from helping the FBI. The few incidents of Muslim Americans being victimized are being investigated by the FBI and local police. But, the NLG advises them to report such incidents, not to the police, but to the left- wing American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. They’re advised: “If you decide to make a report [to the FBI or police] do not do so without a lawyer present.” If someone has victimized any American, a prompt and complete report to the police could result in the arrest of the culprit. If the incident is not reported, or a lawyer interferes with the witness, other Muslim Americans might also be victimized.
The NLG cares nothing about this. Anyone familiar with the NLG knows why. It was organized in 1937 by the Communist Party as its legal arm and took in quite a few non-communist suckers. But during the 1939 to 1941 Soviet-Nazi Alliance, most of the dupes left, realizing that the communists supported not only Stalin’s dictatorship but also Hitler’s. By the 1960s the Soviet-financed Communist Party USA had declined in membership and influence, and the NLG was taken over by a collection of other left-wing extremists who support many of Americas enemies.
Recent demonstrations in New York were organized by the Committees of Correspondence. This organization was formed from a faction of the Communist Party that split after the fall of the Soviet Union and the Soviet funding of “peace” and other demonstrations ended. Some of these demonstrations, then and now, attracted some pacifists who didn’t understand that the organizers had another agenda to undermine and weaken the United States in the face of its enemies.
Twenty years ago, the U.S. government and the American press understood that international terrorists were interrelated. Terrorist groups from various countries and of various ideologies collaborated since most were funded, trained and otherwise supported by the Soviet KGB. The Palestine Liberation Organization, with KGB support, provided training for a number of terrorist groups. Terrorists from Germany, both Marxist-Leninist and neo-Nazi , trained in the same camps, as did “Catholics” from Latin America and Ireland, the Japanese Red Army, and “Islamic Marxists” from Iran. Latin American and German terrorists assisted the PLO in the airplane hijackings of the 1970s.
The Japanese Red Army murdered Christian tourists at Israel’s Lod Airport in 1972. Some terrorist groups retain the contacts of the past. In the eight years of the Clinton dark ages, much has been forgotten. Otherwise, the media would understand why American leftists are organizing demonstrations against President Bush’s response to the Islamic extremists’ terrorist atrocity of September 11. They would also understand why, on Aug. 11, three officials of the Irish Republican Army were arrested in Bogota working with the Colombian narco-terrorist group FARC. One of them, Niall Connolly, is a permanent resident of Cuba and is listed in the Havana telephone directory.
Since the mid-1970s, a concerted effort has been made by the extreme left to weaken the FBI and the CIA, our defense against terrorism. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, passed in 1979, was particularly harmful. With the help of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the liberal democrats in Congress inserted language that made it difficult for the FBI to get a warrant to wiretap espionage and terrorist suspects.
This explains the outrageous incident that took place in Minnesota a month before the terrorist attack in New York and Washington. Zacarias Moussaoui had been arrested by the FBI after a flying school reported that he had offered cash for lessons on how to steer a commercial jetliner but not how to take off or land it. The FBI obtained his computer and asked Washington for a warrant to search it and wiretap his phone. The Justice Department explained that the evidence did not reach the high barrier set by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and so the warrant could not be obtained. After September 11, the FBI got the warrant and found information that would have been very helpful before the terrorist atrocities.
Other barriers prevent the FBI from penetrating organizations that provide political support and possibly other assistance to terrorist cells. The CIA is prevented from recruiting members of terrorist groups abroad who had committed crimes. As if non-criminals could hope to feel at home in such a group. This barrier was introduced during the Clinton administration.
There is much more, most of it promoted by the ACLU and the rest of the ultra-left. Pacifists should be smart enough to avoid demonstrations organized by the leftists who serve not peace but war against the United States. Conservatives should be smart enough to avoid a united front with the ACLU and others who have a record of undermining Americas security defenses. None of us have friends on the left. Their agenda is quite different from ours.

Herbert Romerstein is currently a professor at the Institute of World Politics in Washington and the co-author of “The Venona Secrets, Exposing Soviet Espionage and America’s Traitors.”

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