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Chomsky, 1970
"In the midst of the creative achievements of the Vietnamese people, we came face to face with the savagery of a technological monster controlled by a social class, the rulers of the American empire, that has no place in the 20th century, that has only the capacity to repress and murder and destroy.
"The people of Vietnam will win, they must win, because your cause is the cause of humanity as it moves forward toward liberty and justice, toward the socialist society in which free, creative men control their own destiny.
"We are deeply grateful to you that you permit us to be part of your brave and historical struggle. We hope that there will continue to be strong bonds of comradeship between the people of Vietnam and the many Americans who wish you success and who detest with all of their being the hateful activities of the American government.
"Your courage and your achievements teach us that we too must be determined to win not only to win the battle against American aggression in Southeast Asia, but also the battle against exploitation and racism in our own country."
Noam Chomsky, in an April 13, 1970 speech delivered in Hanoi while he was visiting North Vietnam with a group of anti-war activists, later broadcast on Radio Hanoi

Chomsky, 2001
"Chomsky described the U.S.-led attacks on Afghanistan as a 'silent genocide,' affecting millions of innocent civilians. 'They are not the Taliban,' he told an overflowing audience at the Fifth D.T. Lakdawala memorial lecture which included Indian ministers, diplomats, members of the academia in a 70-minute lecture at the Ficci Auditorium in New Delhi recently.
"'For the first time in modern history, Europe and its offshoots are the targets, not the perpetrators of horrifying crimes. Europeans have spent centuries slaughtering each other, but have not been attacked by their traditional victims,' the professor of linguistics said.
"Seven million Afghans are facing starvation, food will be available next year only to 20 percent of the population as the strikes have disrupted planting of crops. 'But only 1 percent of the U.S. people knew about the real travails of the Afghan people,' [he said.]
"Chomsky, who kicked off his fortnight-long lecture tour of the subcontinent, which will also take him to Pakistan, highlighted the use of brute military and economic might by the U.S. against indigenous people in various parts of the world, particularly Central America.
"'In the Reagan years alone, U.S.-sponsored state terrorists in Central America left hundreds of thousands of tortured and mutilated corpses, millions of maimed and orphaned, and four countries in ruins,' he said."
from "Chomsky Attacks U.S. Double Standards on Terrorism," posted Tuesday on the Web site of the Tehran Times at www.tehrantimes.com

Poor Brad
"Brad Pitt is apparently still struggling big-time with the notion of celebrity itself.
"'You start to believe the lie that you are special, that you're better than other people,'" Mr. Pitt admits in a Vanity Fair interview. "'I've got a couple of friends that might as well be family, and I've caught myself just ordering one of them to do something because you get accustomed to people doing things for you. It's the money and the power, it just crushes everything.'
"Resistance, he says, sometimes feels futile. 'Most of the time I fight it but at times I succumb to it.'
"What's more, Pitt says, he has misgivings about the media's unyielding interest in his relationship with wife Jennifer Aniston. 'It doesn't leave us room to be human, to make our mistakes and have our struggles,' he says, 'because that will just be another story.'
"Perhaps it was these struggles that led Pitt to start seeing a shrink a couple of years back. 'I crashed and burned, so I wanted to understand how I operate,' he says."
Amy Reiter, writing on "Life in the Pitts," Tuesday on Salon at www.salon.com

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