- The Washington Times - Friday, October 12, 2001

President Bush last night warned Iraq's leader, Saddam Hussein, to allow international inspectors back in the country to make sure he is conforming to the agreement to abstain from developing weapons of mass destruction.
"We know he's been developing weapons of mass destruction," he told reporters attending his 45-minute news conference.
"And so we're watching him very carefully," he said, obviously addressing his comments directly to Saddam, whom he called "an evil man."
Mr. Bush delivered his warning in response to a question of whether "the American people will tolerate you widening the war beyond Afghanistan." The questioner was referring to recurring reports that some Bush advisers are urging the president to "take out Iraq, Syria and so forth."
"Thank you for warning me," Mr. Bush replied with a touch of sarcasm.
He then repeated his oft-stated warnings that the United States will seek out "individual terrorists who cause harm to people" as well as "host governments that sponsor them."
On Syria, Mr. Bush took a different tack.
Noting that some nations have offered to help the United States tackle the problem of terrorism, he said, "The Syrians have talked to us about how they can help in the war against terrorism. We take that seriously and we'll give them an opportunity to do so."
Earlier yesterday Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage struck a harsher note, warning that states such as Syria could face U.S. military action if they don't comply with Washington's demands in its campaign against terrorism.
Mr. Armitage told reporters the targets in the campaign include all groups that threaten the interests of the United States and U.S. allies.
Organizations "that are trying to hurt allied and U.S. interests, I think that's in the main where we will concentrate next," he said. "We know who has global reach and is a threat to the United States and our allies."
Asked what the consequences would be if countries such as Syria do not meet U.S. expectations, he said: "The consequences might be whatever the coalition finds worthy and it runs the gamut from isolation to financial investigations, all the way up through possibly military action."
The United States has Syria on its list of "state sponsors of terrorism" because it hosts Lebanese and Palestinian organizations that attack its ally, Israel.

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