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Noble: The winners of this year's Nobel prizes.In a broad sense, the Nobel winners, and for that matter, inventors and explorers of all sorts, are the torch-bearers for the West. Sparked with inspiration, they brighten the world with discoveries. Their work is catalyzed by the freedoms inherent in the West the freedom of conscience, the freedom of information flow the freedom to find one's raison d'etre and then to pursue it with all one's energy.
The winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, William Knowles, Ryoji Noyori, and Barry Sharpless, energized the production of pharmaceuticals through their creation of new chemical catalysts.
Carl Wieman, Eric Cornell and Wolfgang Ketterle were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for chilling the field with their production of a Bose-Einstein condensate, a bizarre form of matter that exists at only a few fractions of a degree above absolute zero.
For a timely discovery of molecular switches that regulate the cell cycle, Leland Hartwell, Timothy Hunt and Paul Nurse won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Their research will almost certainly be applied to tests for various cancers, and may well result in the discovery of many life-saving therapies.
Nobel winners love life their visions turned reality have enlightened the world in countless ways, as will those of their followers, who may well bring sight to the eyes of the blind, voices to the tongues of the dumb.
Sir Isaac Newton, who undoubtedly would have won any number of Nobel prizes had they been available at the time, maintained, "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Some of those giants were idealists and statesmen ranging from the Greek philosophers, to the stubborn barons at Runnymeade, to the founders of the American republic. They have all brought light to the world, and they stand in stark contrast to:
Knaves: The Mullah Mohamed Omar and his disciples.
In a broad sense, the Mullah Omar and the rest of the radical Islamic fundamentalists are the torch-bearers of the Taliban. Aflame with hatred, they consume all that they touch. They despise freedom, enslaving their women in custom and fear, imprisoning themselves in bunkers and caverns. Their only visions they enjoy are hallucinations in the darkness. They demand blind obedience. The only light they bring to the world is that of self-immolation.
They hate life. Their desire is not to help their fellow man, not to advance his happiness or improve his condition. Rather they demand a return to a dark age, in which lives were cheap, years were short, and days were cruel. They have called for a holy war against the United States, even while their famished followers pray for the United States to deliver their daily bread.
We who live in shining civilization can only recoil from the horror of their hearts of darkness.

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