- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 18, 2001

Saying terrorists in Afghanistan "will pay with their blood," the U.S. military is broadcasting radio messages urging the Afghan people not to help the Taliban and Osama bin Laden and to stay away from possible bombing targets.
Another message to the Taliban warns, "You have guaranteed your own demise."
The messages are being transmitted by Air Force EC-130 "Commando Solo" aircraft flying over the country.
"It is not you, the honorable people of Afghanistan, who are targeted, but those who would oppress you, seek to bend you to their own will and make you their slaves," says a broadcast aimed at the Afghan population.
There are several such messages being disseminated as part of an information campaign under way by the military, which also dropped leaflets over sectors of Afghanistan this week with much the same message.
The broadcast tells Afghans that the United States was the target of terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, "leaving no choice but to seek justice for those horrible crimes," according to a transcript of the English translation released by the Pentagon.
"It will take the combined efforts of the international community and you to remove these evil people from Afghanistan," the transcript said.
"Take the following action: Do not give food, shelter or any type of aid to the Taliban or Osama bin Laden. This will be a great help in the effort."
It also warned Afghans to "stay away from military installations, government buildings, terrorist camps, roads, factories or bridges."
"If you are near these places, then you must move away from them … we do not wish to harm you," it said.
Military planes began dropping leaflets over Afghanistan on Sunday one showing a Western soldier in camouflage and helmet shaking hands with a man in traditional Afghan dress in front of a mountain scene.
"The partnership of nations is here to assist the people of Afghanistan," the leaflet said.
Another alerts people to tune to what it calls "Information Radio," and has sketches of a transmitting tower and radios.
The broadcasts started earlier, but the leaflets telling people to listen were delayed because of windy conditions last week, a Pentagon official said.
The message to the Taliban warns that by harboring bin Laden and his al Qaeda network, "you have declared war on the United States."
"Our military is bigger, faster and stronger, with more modernized weapons and better-trained troops," it says.
"You will be attacked by land, sea, and air."
The message to civilians says the United States does not want to "spill the blood of innocent people."
"We will hunt down and punish these terrorists," it says. "They will pay with their blood."

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