- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 23, 2001

With friends like Louis Farrakhan, Islam needs no enemies. Just when other Muslim clerics and leaders had begun to speak up against the captains of terror and barbarism in the Middle East, Mr. Farrakhan attacks the United States and, in an abominable backhanded way, speaks up for Saddam Hussein and Iraq.

In a long-winded speech to a gathering of religious figures in New York over the weekend, Mr. Farrakhan, who as leader of the Nation of Islam heads the largest Muslim group in America, mocked the pain and grief of Americans in the wake of September 11. Citing no source for his "evidence," Mr. Farrakhan said that 1.5 million Iraqis have died as a result of the United Nations sanctions on Iraq "while we are crying over 5,000."

If Louis Farrakhan has actually produced any authentic tears over the 5,000 Americans killed on Sept. 11, and for the 10,000 children orphaned by that barbarity, he obviously got them from a crocodile. We have never seen anything from Louis Farrakhan but hatred for most of his fellow Americans, the Jews whom he famously said were followers of a "gutter religion" and for other whites whom he has described as sub-human.

Dan Quayle, the former vice president, got it exactly right in his remarks to the Manhattan conference, when he told the gathering: "This is the time to be morally clear. Nothing justifies terrorism."

Apologists for Louis Farrakhan have argued that his recent illness "mellowed" him. It was on this assumption that Britain not long ago relaxed its ban on allowing him into the United Kingdom, where he had been declared unwelcome as a visitor likely to stir up racial and religious hatred. We fail to see any "mellowing" at all. The man who organized the Million Man March, to encourage husbands to love their wives and nurture their children, could have been a positive figure in his community. Instead he remains a man choking on his own venom.

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