- The Washington Times - Saturday, October 27, 2001

NEW YORK (AP) Microsoft's Web portal, MSN.com, denied entry to millions of people who use alternative browser software such as Opera and told them to get Microsoft's products instead.
The decision led to complaints from the small but loyal Opera community that Microsoft Corp. was abusing the corporate giant's status as browser leader. Microsoft later backed off and said yesterday that it would support the other browsers.
Browser products affected included Opera, Mozilla and Amaya, said Kevin Reichard, editorial manager for Internet.com's BrowserWatch site.
Although a Microsoft spokeswoman said MSN supports all recent Netscape browsers, the site blocked visitors using the most recent version, 6.1, from opening the "My MSN" customized version of the site, citing unspecified "possible data security issues."
Instead, the page encourages visitors to use versions of the Netscape browser that are at least a year old, or to switch to a Microsoft browser.



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