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Sharon's censure of coalition unjustified

In your Oct. 6 front-page report "White House scolds Sharon," you report that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon compared the Bush administration's formation of a worldwide coalition to battle international terrorism which includes many Arab nations to the Munich Pact of 1938, in which European democracies sacrificed Czechoslovakia to temporarily appease Adolf Hitler. Not only are his remarks totally inappropriate and historically inaccurate, they are highly offensive to the democratic nations of this world including the Czech Republic that unequivocally have joined the alliance to fight international terrorism and to bring the terrorists who attacked the United States to justice. Mr. Sharon's analysis is dead wrong. Had democratic nations joined together militarily to fight a common enemy in 1938, they might have stopped Hitler early on and prevented World War II. I am confident that the vast majority of the Jewish-American community supports the United States in the formation of this coalition and disagrees with Mr. Sharon's remarks.



American Friends of the Czech Republic


Airport security far from 'normal'

Your Oct. 2 editorial cartoon depicting our government's notion of "back to normal" in an airport security checkpoint sums up the situation perfectly.

Our obsession with removing every possible weapon from airplanes would be laughable if it were not so murderously stupid. This should be obvious to health-conscious Americans. If children were suffering from head-colds in homes where parents sterilized nearly everything, would a doctor prescribe twice as much of the same? Yet when government bureaucrats prescribe even tighter airport security as the cure for terrorists who took advantage of weapons-free airplanes to kill thousands of unarmed people, we bow our politically-correct heads and empty our pockets of fingernail files and toothpicks.

Americans should get a grip. We did not become the most powerful country in the world by allowing petty bureaucrats to disarm us and herd us like sheep. That may be good enough for Europeans and banana republics but it will spell the death of everything that America once stood for.



Republican 'witch hunt' kept Clinton from focusing on terrorism threat

I would like to commend The Washington Times' editorial page for placing part of the blame for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks squarely where it belongs ("Bill Clinton's war on terrorism," Editorials, Oct. 3).

Noting that the time "Mr. Clinton spent fighting to save his own political hide would have been far better spent fighting the bin Ladens of the world," you put forth perhaps the strongest argument yet that independent counsel Kenneth Starr and the congressional Republicans did far more damage than just waste tens of millions of taxpayer dollars in their nearsighted attempt to remove President Clinton from office.

Despite realizing that they could hope to achieve little more than short-term political points, the Office of the Independent Counsel and congressmen such as Rep. Dan Burton, Rep. Bob Barr and Rep. Henry Hyde relentlessly pursued Mr. Clinton with charges rooted in blatant partisanship and fears of political irrelevance.

Had he not been forced to defend himself and his office from this politically motivated witch hunt, our former president might have been able to focus his energies on the less politically significant but far more pressing threat of terrorism. Had they not been undermined, as your editorial suggests, perhaps Mr. Clinton could have prevented the Sept. 11 catastrophe.

Your editorial makes a convincing argument that Mr. Starr and his compatriots at best distracted the president from his responsibilities as commander in chief and at worst bear much of the blame that you seek to place on Mr. Clinton's shoulders. Bravo.



Greek Cypriot 'grief' over Sept. 11 attacks is hypocritical

Greek-Cypriot representative Erato Kozakou-Marcoulis' purported grieving over the Sept. 11 villainies can be likened to Judas' weeping over the Crucifixion ("Embassy Row," Oct. 1).

The Greek-Cypriot administration was conceived in EOKA terrorism. Sponsored and financed by Greek-Cypriot "mainstream" leaders hoping to annex Cyprus to Greece, the terrorist group EOKA keenly relished massacring hundreds of Turks and British and Greek-Cypriot civilians between 1955 and 1959 and was condemned by the United Nations.

Mrs. Marcoulis represents an administration that celebrates EOKA's malevolence with the fanfare of July Fourth in the United States: parades, singing and phantasmagoria. Indeed, Greek Cypriots shifted their National Day celebration from Aug. 16, the birth date of the 1960 Republic of Cyprus, to Oct. 1 as an oblation to EOKA's founding.

The Greek-Cypriot government also aided and abetted convicted Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) terrorist leader Abdullah Ocalan with two false passports. The PKK is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States; it is a felony for a U.S. citizen to assist it in any way. The United States collaborated with Turkey in apprehending Ocalan in Kenya. PKK terrorist training camps dot the Greek-Cypriot administration in South Cyprus, according to persistent reports. Subsidiary establishments of PKK openly collect money and raise funds in South Cyprus to finance the terrorist activities of PKK.

Even indicted archvillain Osama bin Laden enjoys a Greek-Cypriot welcome mat. Former U.S. Director of Central Intelligence James Woolsey revealed in an interview with the Italian daily La Republica on Sept. 19 that Greek Cypriots have been hiding bin Laden's banking machinations like the Swiss hid Nazi gold. Mr. Woolsey lamented: "The worst country of all [in laundering terrorism financing] is the Greek-Cypriot state. They want to enter the EU, and we have advised our friends in Brussels to visit the island and say: 'You will enter the EU, but only in 400 years, unless you hand over information concerning bin Laden's money straight away.'" Greek Cypriots also laundered money for indicted war criminal Slobodan Milosevic. No Greek-Cypriot tears poured forth last year when the Greek terrorist organization November 17 brutally murdered British Defense Attache Stephen Saunders in Athens.

Gen. Wesley Clark, the former NATO commander, during an interview on CNN on Sept. 14, linked South Cyprus to international terrorist activity and stated that the Greek-Cypriot part of the island was a prime transit point for terrorists en route to Europe and the United States.

In sum, doesn't Mrs. Marcoulis represent an administration that would host the Last Supper for Jesus and breakfast the next morning for Pontius Pilate?



Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


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