- The Washington Times - Saturday, September 15, 2001

Nobles: Americans, everywhere.They charged up the steps of the World Trade Center to help. They plunged into Pennsylvania while fighting an even greater tragedy of terror. They bent, bloodied under the weight of almost unprecedented national loss.
Then they stood tall. They emptied the stores of American flags. They gathered at a candlelight vigil on the Capitol, to sing and pray and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Some 700,000 of them called the Red Cross to donate blood. They gathered at the World Trade Center to applaud exhausted rescue workers. They offered everything that they had. They are still doing so.
They are Americans. To downtrodden individuals across the globe, they are emblems of hope, beacons of freedom. They are the revolutionaries who threw off the chains of a British autocrat, the Union soldiers who gave their country a new birth of freedom, the band of brothers who defeated Hitler and the Empire of Japan.
The astonishing success of Americans has made them targets of those who hate justice and liberty. Their living flame of freedom is despised by tyrants, hated by fanatics. Yet Americans stand firm.
While defying the threat of communism, President John F. Kennedy famously proclaimed, "All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin."
Today, we are all New Yorkers. We are all Americans.

Knaves: The implacable, ruthless foes of freedom who attacked American citizens in an unprecedented and unforgivable outrage.
The terrorists who perpetrated Tuesday's catastrophes were fattened from America's bountiful hand for years, even while they were planning on slaughtering our people. They hated the American way of life, even while they enjoyed its astonishing privilege. They walked among us, they studied us, they plotted to destroy us.
They turned airplanes into missiles; they transformed innocent passengers into shrapnel. They attacked women and children without cause, without remorse. They even timed their attacks on the World Trade Center so they could maximize the casualties of rescue workers.
Yet they have nothing to offer but their consuming hatred of justice and freedom. Should any say otherwise, let him enjoy the justice of the Taliban. Let him plead his case in Kabul or Baghdad.
They have started a war. We will finish it. We will hunt them. With the full resources of the United States, we shall pursue them. With the full power and rage of the United States, we shall bring them to justice.

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