- The Washington Times - Monday, September 17, 2001

Americans are hot to retaliate for Sept. 11 as soon as the responsible parties are known. Not knowing whom
to bomb makes us feel impotent. Americans crave the catharsis of payback.
But, alas, many of the responsible parties cannot be bombed, because they are right here at home. Let me tell you who they are.
U.S. defenses against terrorist attacks rely on the sophisticated satellite and surveillance technology of the National Security Agency to intercept communications. We foil terrorist plots by listening to their plans in advance of their actions.
President Bush wants to know why U.S. intelligence agencies provided no warning. How did the large volume of terrorist communications go undetected over the many months necessary for planning and coordinating the events of Sept. 11?
The National Security Agency was deaf to the voluminous terrorist communications, because the Clinton administration provided the terrorists with computer networks that cannot be monitored, with spread-spectrum radios that change frequency constantly and are impossible to break into, with fiber optics and a high level of encryption for their telephones.
As Defense Department official Peter M. Leitner told World Net Daily, "The technology that would allow these terrorists to mask their communications was given away, hand over fist, by the Clinton administration."
The Clinton administration permitted the delivery of top-end military communications equipment to Syria, a country officially listed as a threat to U.S. security.
"Syria," Mr. Leitner said, "is a terrorist-supporting nation. They provide communications capabilities to terrorist cells."
For the Clinton administration, everything was a question of campaign contributions. The corporations lobbied and contributed and, with the approval of Clinton and the U.S. Department of Commerce, sold out our security for terrorist blood money.
The corporations that sold Syria communications equipment capable of evading detection by the National Security Agency should be publicly identified and pilloried. They are prime defendants for class-action suits brought by relatives of the thousands of Americans killed by the transferred American technology that protected the terrorists from detection.
Mr. Clinton should be vilified. Perjury is one thing. Rendering inoperable our country's defenses against terrorism is high treason.
Before he attacks Afghanistan, President Bush best clean up his own act. According to Mr. Leitner, the Commerce Department is trying today to export high-level telecom equipment to Syria. He fingers Commerce official Karen Vogel for repeatedly pressuring the Pentagon to approve the export of more top-end equipment.
Now that Mr. Leitner has blown the whistle, it will be interesting to see what happens to him. Will the government protect itself and distract the public by bombing abroad?
There are other homegrown villains in the story. Our immigration policy is one. The terrorists who crashed the airliners did not sneak into the United States from some dark corner of the Middle East. They lived in America and were trained as pilots in American flight schools. They may even have benefited from federal education money.
U.S. immigration policy makes it easy for members of every terrorist group in the world to hang out in America, and they do. There are far more Islamic terrorists living in America and Canada than there are with bin Laden in Afghanistan. Knowingly or unknowingly, religious and civil rights organizations provide terrorist cells with support groups.
Other villains in the story are the American political left and multiculturalists. In the 1970s the political left used committee hearings conducted by Sen. Frank Church, Idaho Democrat, to protect Fidel Castro by emasculating the CIA, depriving the agency of ability to eliminate foreigners who pose a threat to our security.
The FBI has not infiltrated Muslim groups in the U.S. because under the civil rights laws Muslims are a "protected minority."
Terrorists in the U.S. are able to build their networks undeterred and to raise money under a variety of guises from a large Muslim community.
Multiculturalists in American universities champion Third World people and denigrate America, thus helping to fashion a moral atmosphere in which Muslims are championed as "oppressed people" and America is challenged as the white hegemon, the oppressor of women and minorities.
Perhaps it was this moral atmosphere that saved the Muslims who attempted to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993 from the death penalty, despite the death and injury to numerous Americans.
Sept. 11 proved that some Muslims are a danger to us, but we can't tell one from another. Civil rights laws require airports to employ them in security positions and airlines to employ them in flight crews and airliner servicing.
Isn't life in a multicultural country wonderful?

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