- The Washington Times - Saturday, September 22, 2001

NEW YORK (AP) No beards or other "Islamic characteristics." Do not speak loudly or otherwise draw attention to yourself. Rent apartments in areas where neighbors do not know each other well.

The suicide hijackers in last week's attacks apparently practiced terrorism by the book a 180-page manual for Muslim operatives living undercover among their enemies in "godless areas" of the world.

The manual, "Military Studies in the Jihad Against the Tyrants," was discovered last year during an investigation of Osama bin Laden, and gives terrorists precise instructions on how to act while they await their orders to strike.

Investigators have not said whether the 19 hijackers ever read the manual, but glimpses of their lives in the United States suggest they conducted themselves according to its instructions.

Experts say the manual illustrates the inner workings of bin Laden's al Qaeda organization, the prime suspect in the attacks.

It also foreshadows the suicide hijackings themselves, in which the terrorists used boxcutters and knives.

For example, the manual's "Assassinations" section gives precise instructions on how to use weapons with blades, saying the "enemy must be struck in one of these lethal spots: Anywhere in the rib cage, both or one eye, the back of the head, the end of the spinal column."

The hijackers "seem to have followed [the manual] as closely as they could making sure no one knew the whole picture," said George Andrew, former deputy head of anti-terrorism for the FBI's New York City office.

The manual says anyone willing to "undergo martyrdom" should be "able to act, pretend and mask himself" behind enemy lines.

Among the instructions in the manual:

• Do not address others with traditional Islamic greetings in which Allah's name is invoked.

• Rent apartments "in newly developed areas where people don't know each other."

• Use codes when talking on the telephone.

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