- The Washington Times - Friday, September 7, 2001

On Labor Day, Secretary of State Colin Powell pulled the United States out of the World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa, because U.S. diplomacy is sensitive to hateful speech against Israel. What I want to know is: What were we doing at the conference in the first place?
It was a foregone conclusion that hateful speech would be directed against Israel. The United States knew it would have to walk out of the conference and sent a midlevel delegation to save Colin Powell the trouble.
It is all well and proper to walk out in defense of Israel. But why not walk out in our own defense and in defense of white people generally? The hateful speech against whites was just as extreme. Just as the conference put the onus of the Palestinian conflict on Israel, with the notable exception of Senegal President Abdoulaye Wade, the onus for black slavery was put on whites rather than on the African tribes that conducted slave wars and their Arab customers.
Mr. Powell says he regrets having to withdraw the U.S. delegation "because of the importance of the international fight against racism and the contribution that this conference could have made to it." Apparently, our secretary of state buys into the notion that the fight against racism is a fight against whites.
Only a short distance away in Zimbabwe, whites were being expelled from the country even as the World Conference Against Racism was meeting in Durban. Did the conferees against racism raise their collective voice in protest?
What country are blacks being chased out of by whites?
This year in Cincinnati and Seattle, black mobs chased white people in the streets, shouting, "Kill the white man." In what cities are white people chasing blacks in the streets shouting, "Kill the black man"?
In what countries do gangs of white youths rape young black girls in order to inflict "racial humiliation"?
In what universities do professors demonize blacks? Why isn't it racist to attribute all the evils of history to white males?
"Racism" has been fashioned into a weapon against whites. It has brought about massive fabrications of history, hate crimes that only whites can commit and race-based legal privileges for "preferred minorities."
In the United States and the United Kingdom, whites can be arrested for hate crimes for what they say to one another in private conversations. In Britain, police sit in restaurants eavesdropping on white diners to record racist remarks that justify arrest.
Why isn't this "racial profiling"?
Is there anything blacks can say about whites that can lead to their arrest for hate speech?
Shortsighted professors at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale thought that a little historical fabrication and multicultural emphasis would help integrate "people of color" into Western countries. They did not realize they were creating a monster that would poison race relations. They thought that by pulling down whites and boosting up others the cultural disparities that they believed stood in the way of integration would be lessened.
Alas, the fabrications created guilt on the part of indoctrinated whites and hate on the part of indoctrinated blacks.
Guilt produced more demands and, in turn, more guilt. Race-based legal privileges are being defended today in the Supreme Court by the Bush administration. Now that a white Republican government has made it clear that the U.S. Constitution's requirement of equal protection cannot stand in the face of demands for "minority preferences," why is it surprising that demands for reparations from whites to "people of color" are being made on a world scale?
In the 1960s, I told academic colleagues that the case they were so earnestly making for domestic income redistribution would sooner or later be made on the international level. Once a citizen's claim to his income and wealth is abridged, there is no limit to the claimants. If a well-to-do American can be held responsible for the care of a poor American, who, in turn, is well-to-do compared to an African, international organizations will hold Americans in general responsible for claims made in the name of humanity.
The United States today sees itself as the superpower that leads the world, but in fact the United States has been isolated by its own intellectuals as a racist hegemonic force that must be opposed. Tyrant countries kicked the United States off the U.N. Human Rights Commission, and the United States was without influence at the World Conference on Racism.
Academic constructs have delegitimized the West. At the racism conference, a Palestinian seeking Israel's destruction saw no hypocrisy in accusing the United States of refusing to face up to responsibility for slavery.
As prize-winning African filmmaker Gnoan M'bala recently said, it is time for Africans to wake up to the fact that Africans sold Africans into slavery.

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