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Less Moore
"It is easy to dismiss Michael Moore as a self-aggrandizing, intellectually lazy gasbag. He is all that and less.
"But the provocateur best known for the documentary 'Roger and Me' is now the author of the best-selling book in America, 'Stupid White Men and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation.'
"In 'Stupid White Men,' Moore casts himself as the only person bold enough to express 'the truth' about America that the United States is a racist, sexist, corrupt nation of moronic consumers (like we haven't heard that before).
"How did it all go awry?
"Moore hasn't a clue. Besides, true cultural analysis requires hard work and nuanced thought and that's no way to sell books. Better to blame the South for our current political climate. 'The South is a place where you can go home at night to your air-conditioned house to plan the weekend's cross-burning and block club barbecue. Today the conservative ideology that was born in the Confederate South has the nation in its grip.'"
J. Peder Zane, writing on "Please, a little less of Moore," April 7 in the Raleigh (N.C.) News and Observer

'Socialism of fools'
"[A]s the war on terrorism continues, the student Left has floundered, as their major campaigns defense of affirmative action, the movement for a so-called 'living wage,' opposition to Third World 'sweatshops,' and the umbrella of the anti-globalization movement have been slowly losing steam. But with the real threat of a Middle Eastern war looming on the horizon, and the pressure of Arab dictatorships using their muscle to pressure the West to isolate Israel, it is the perfect moment for the student Left to hitch its wagon to their cause. Already, it has become clear that even on the 'enlightened' campuses, the campaign is more than tinged with very real anti-Semitism. The director of the Berkeley Hillel chapter reported that the plate-glass window of its building had been smashed, and that a Jewish student had been attacked and beaten. And anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian slogans were spray-painted on a local synagogue.
"As they move toward building a new and they hope massive pro-Palestinian movement in the U.S., students on the left are using tactics created by their elders. In so doing, they are ignoring the warning of August Bebel, the founder of German social democracy, to his erstwhile comrades early in the 20th century. Detecting the rise of anti-Semitism among his own comrades, Bebel told German workers that they should not be fooled into hatred of the Jews. He called such tactics 'the socialism of the fools.'"
Ronald Radosh, writing on "Foolish Beat," Thursday in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com

'Isn't that weird?'
"He's a six-year-old boy. He says, 'I want to have a daddy.' I said, 'I can imagine. That would be great.' And would it be easier for them if I were married to a man? It probably would. But as I said to my son, Parker, 'If you were to have a daddy, you wouldn't have me as a mommy because I'm the kind of mommy who wants another mommy. This is the way mommy got born.'
"[W]hen we drive up Columbus Avenue [in Miami] and they see, like, the rainbow flags, Parker always goes, 'Look, mom, gay person lives there.' I go, 'That's right.' He goes, 'They're everywhere.' You know? He tells his friends, when his friends come over. I heard him talking, playing one day, and [the friend asked], 'You've got two moms?' And Parker goes, 'Yeah, isn't that weird?'"
Rosie O'Donnell, explaining in a March 14 interview with ABC's Dianne Sawyer what she tells her adopted son, Parker, about her homosexuality

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