- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Missing in action
"The Black Panthers held their 35th anniversary reunion at the University of the District of Columbia this past weekend. As evidenced by the gathering's nearly vacant workshops and sparsely populated main sessions, a lot of the Panthers weren't able to make it.
"Where were all the Panthers?
"Eddie Conway of the Baltimore branch of the Black Panther Party couldn't make the gathering. For the past 32 years, Conway has been serving a life sentence for murdering a policeman and attempting to kill another cop.
"Assata Shakur, perhaps unable to obtain a visa, remained in Cuba rather than catch-up on old times with her comrades. Shakur murdered a New Jersey patrolman in 1973. In 1986, she escaped from prison and fled into the arms of Fidel Castro.
"Wesley Cook was unable to attend. The teen-age minister of information for the Philadelphia branch of the Party now goes by the name of Mumia Abu-Jamal and calls Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution at Greene home. In 1981, Abu-Jamal murdered police Officer Daniel Faulkner. In the intervening years he has become a hero to the Left.
"The next time the Black Panthers hold a reunion, they might want to try hosting it at a venue where actual Black Panthers might be able to attend like a jail."
Dan Flynn, writing on "Where Are All the Panthers?" Monday in Front Page at www.frontpagemagazine.com

'Peace' protests
"[The National Mobilization on Colombia] tried to disrupt Monday's rush-hour traffic. Given that the normal congestion is already paralyzing, most commuters probably didn't notice.
"The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee was holding its conference featuring speeches by Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Hundreds demonstrated outside the hotel where AIPAC was meeting, chanting 'Stop the killing, stop the crime, Israel out of Palestine' while holding up signs lauding the suicide bombers as 'the poor man's F-16.' The 'peace' movement remains a misnomer. It's not 'anti-war,' it's just on the other side.
"Now that the Left has again marginalized itself with flag burnings, the rest of us can focus on what America needs at the dawn of the 21st century to sustain its dominant position in the world system."
William R. Hawkins, writing on "Death of a Movement," Monday in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com

No compromise
"Robert Frost once described the liberal as someone 'unwilling to take his own side in an argument.' Some of this reluctance to defend their own point of view stems from the liberals' insistence upon appropriating other people's positions. Liberals are always telling conservatives what a 'real conservative' should believe. Because, you see, to be really conservative, you have to be what else? liberal.
"[T]here is no point to compromising with the left. If we are true to our principles, they will attack us, and they will continue to attack until we cry uncle as most conservatives do, fairly early in the game.
"We don't have to be rude or call them names. We can tell them, ever so politely, that ours is the party of Christ and theirs is the party of Anti-Christ. We create; they destroy; we remember; they forget. We speak truth; they lie all the time and about everything. Once you are clear in your own mind, you are free to go about your business with the same cheerful spirit as the Christians displayed in the days of Diocletian."
Thomas Fleming, writing on "With This Ring," April 1 in Chronicles at www.chronicles.org

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