- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 3, 2002

Millennium memo
"White males" were on the receiving end of a government memo sent to the entire staff of Argonne National Laboratory a leading Energy Department research facility outside Chicago touting a seminar held yesterday entitled "Isn't a Millennium of Affirmative Action for White Men Sufficient?"
According to the memo, the seminar was sponsored by Argonne's Women in Science and Technology. The presenter was Debra Rolison, who we confirmed yesterday is assigned to the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington.
"I'm off-site," says an Energy official who handed us a copy of his memo, "so I can't find out how 'white men' benefited from affirmative action during the Dark Ages, the Renaissance or any other period during the last 1,000 years."

Seward's Folly
Given the nation's division over proposed energy exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), suffice it to say that more Americans today care about faraway Alaska than used to.
That isn't to say that all Americans care to tell Alaskans how to go about developing their frozen frontier.
"Let's ask the Alaskans what they think," writes Sean Maquire of Austin, Texas, who read our recent series on proposed ANWR development. "I bet Seward never thought that his folly would play such a pivotal role in future politics."
That's an understatement.
Secretary of State William H. Seward way back in 1867 purchased Alaska from Russia for a mere $7.2 million about 2 cents per acre.
Yet even at that bargain price, Americans in the Lower 48 cried that Seward had squandered the nation's money, labeling his purchase Seward's Folly, Seward's Icebox, even Icebergia.

GOPAC is back
We're told that California Republican gubernatorial hopeful Bill Simon will take a break from his campaigning to headline Monday's GOPAC charter-member meeting at the Willard Hotel in Washington.
"After President Bush, Vice President [Richard B.] Cheney and Rudy [Giuliani], Bill Simon is the hottest commodity in Republican politics right now," says Mike Tuffin, spokesman for the Republican training and support center. "This is the latest sign that [former Oklahoma] Governor Frank Keating and the new team here are bringing GOPAC back.
"Money is coming in, our training is being revamped and … GOPAC intends to be a significant player in Campaign '02, " he says.
Mr. Keating only recently assumed the helm of GOPAC, founded in 1978 by Delaware Gov. Pete du Pont after he assessed the GOP's electoral landscape and found it bleak.
In those years, the White House was held by a Democrat, both houses of Congress were rock-solid Democrat, 38 states were led by Democratic governors, and three-quarters of state legislative bodies were in Democratic control.

Phone wars
If you think your phone never stops ringing, imagine being a White House operator during these times of world crisis.
"We are receiving word from friends in Washington, D.C., that Muslims and their jihad sympathizers are bombarding the White House with phone calls, faxes and e-mails protesting President Bush's strong stand against Muslim terror directed towards Israel and her civilians," says one pro-Israeli alert on the Internet.
"We must all get on the phone today, tomorrow, and the remainder of this week and keep calling the White House every day to thank President Bush and encourage him to stand strong with America's only ally in the Mid-East, Israel, and her right to use all means possible against Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's terror machine."

Can't win
Critics attempt to cast blame
On Dubya because he refrained
From forcing Israelis
To yield to the crazies
Who seek to have Israel slain.

Jim Wrenn

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