- The Washington Times - Monday, August 12, 2002

Sen. Hillary Clinton has said she intends to keep the $27,000 in political donations she has received from indicted ImClone head Sam Waksal. Good for her.
Most other weak-sister politicians out of an over-developed sense of shame hurry to return political contributions once they find out that the donors have contributed dollars stolen from widows, orphans, former employees and shareholders. Not Hillary. She understands, as lesser politicians don't, that the first principle of politics is to never give up a dollar once it is in your hand. Indeed, her husband's 1992 presidential campaign theme "It's the economy, stupid" was only a sanitized version of the ancient Clinton family motto "It's the money, stupid." Cattle-future profits, charitable tax deductions for the family's used underwear, income from renting out the Lincoln Bedroom and cash from China or Indonesia are all fungible with honest dollars honestly earned. Why can't other politicians live in the real world and get that simple political truth through their Neanderthal skulls? In the Clinton Family Anthology of Quotes, Woody Allen's immortal line holds pride of place "Take the money and run." And win.
A negative advertising spot is just as persuasive whether it is paid for by $25 donations from employees of modest means or by $25,000 donations from indicted CEOs. Editorial-page editors eventually change topics. The public forgets. But the money earns interest.

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