- The Washington Times - Sunday, August 25, 2002

At the 2002 Buckmasters Expo deer hunting extravaganza, a number of new "must have" products make our wish list.
In no particular order, here they are:
If it's made by Streamlight, go for it. The Eagleville Pa., company sells the superb Streamlight Stylus, a pen-sized light that has a high-intensity, safety green LED visible for more than a mile. It's bright enough to illuminate a path in the woods as you walk in the dark, but will not frighten game. The Stylus can be clipped to a hat or clothing, is waterproof, and the light-emitting diode is supposed to last 100,000 hours yes, 100,000.
Streamlight offers the Green Trident, a head lamp powered by a Xenon 100,000-hour LED featuring a green light that prevents hunters from losing night vision. The Trident is also available in white light options, including a super-bright white Xenon beam. It includes adjustable head straps, leaving your hands free to do whatever you wish.
The nearest dealers that carry Streamlight products include Collector's Armoury Ltd. in Arlington, and Green Top Sporting Goods in Glen Allen, outside Richmond. For the entire Streamlight lineup and more information, check its Web site, www.streamlight.com.
cThe Buckmasters series of hunting knives by Camillus ranging in price from $25 to $40. Camillus makes a trio of performers that include plain edge or serrated blade versions, as well as knives with a gut hook. They come in folding types or fixed blade and blade lengths range from 2.25 inches to four inches. Then there is the Camillus 5.5-inch blade Cuda Maxx for just under $200, one of the largest production folding knives made. Check out also the Talon with its 3.75-inch blade that runs as high as $370. We're talking painstaking craftsmanship here. This isn't the kind of stuff you buy at the local Kmart. The Camillus Web page is www.camillusknives.com.
cOne of my favorites at the show was a climbing deer stand for big fellows like me. The API Outdoors Company in Louisiana manufactures the Grand Slam Super Mag Supreme deer stand, a climber that is oh so comfortable and will hold hunters who weigh up to 350 pounds. Glory be! That's what's needed, deer stands that can hold a body safe even if he's built like a sumo wrestler. The API people also produce stands that are so versatile they can be used by standing archers, as well as sitting riflemen or shotgunners, providing swing-away, upholstered support braces that can be repositioned for various applications in seconds. Look at the many types of stands at API's parent company Web page, www.outlandsports.com.
cFrom Flextone Game Calls in Starkville, Miss., comes the All-N-One deer call, a soft-tipped tube type call that sports tone and volume buttons. You can also squeeze the call's front section, compress it a bit, and control the volume. Want to produce multiple deer calls? The All-N-One will do a young buck, doe or fawn sound by pressing various buttons, or you blow through plainly and out comes a mature buck sound. Details on the deer call as well as waterfowl calls are available on the Web at www.wileyduck.com.
ShatterBlast targets from Daisy Outdoor Products will become all the rage for target plinkers who enjoy using airguns, even though I believe you could use the small Daisy clay targets to practice shooting with a .22 rifle. The ShatterBlast target is made of biodegradable clay, will shatter into tiny pieces when struck, and is sold in boxes of 60 two-inch, bright orange clay disks that can be stuck into separately sold high impact target holders. For details, check out www.daisy.com.
Knight, the maker of fine blackpowder rifles for deer hunters, this year offers Knight DISC Extreme, a superb new muzzleloading rifle that uses a full plastic jacket ignition system impervious to moisture, cold or heat. DISC Extreme is an in-line rifle and its ignition system fully protects the nipple. Charges of up to 150 grains of powder are possible. Learn more about it from the Web, www.knightrifles.com.
cWoods Wise, makers of fine turkey calls, introduces the Black Mystic turkey box call that requires no chalkling to elicit the proper hen yelp. If your current box call squeaks, skips and squawks, it probably needs to be chalked. With the Black Mystic, you can forget that. The company has developed a black gritty substance that is applied to the friction surface of the call and it will consistently deliver good tone quality without sudden mistakes. Call Woods Wise toll-free to ask for more information, 800/735-8182, or visit the Web, www.woodswise.com.

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