- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Gay 'Factor'?
"Day in, day out America is getting bombarded with 'pro-gay' propaganda. It's relentless. You can't open a newspaper or magazine, listen to the radio or turn on the TV without someone, somewhere pounding the glories of 'gayness' into your brain.
"Stories that would never have been aired or published 20 years ago are now commonplace. 'Homosexual Male Couple Proud Parents of Quadruplets.' 'Rosie and Gal Pal Kelly Expecting.' 'Male Gay Couple Crowned King and Queen of High School Prom.' What once was considered a deviant perversion is now politically correct and woe to anyone who opposes this new 'rainbow' morality. Those who disagree with this new 'alternative' lifestyle are called 'hate-filled, intolerant, bigoted homophobes.'
"One night about two years ago I stumbled across this nation's fastest growing TV phenomenon: Bill O'Reilly and his Fox program, 'The O'Reilly Factor.' I was instantly hooked.
"It wasn't long, though, before my conservative bubble burst and I sadly realized that the homosexual movement had even gotten to my 'champion.'
"Week after week, month after month, it was obvious that Bill O'Reilly was playing on 'both sides of the fence' on the issue of homosexuality."
Stephen Bennett, writing on "Even Bill O'Reilly Is Part of the Media's 'Gay Spin Zone,'" Thursday in the Culture and Family Report

Obsolete warrior
"A few years ago, the French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut wrote of the conformist nonconformism that is the hallmark of political correctness, 'We taunt traditions that are extinct, we delight in fearlessly provoking antiquated prejudices because we can't any longer even imagine the human adventure except in terms of a battle of liberation that the living wage against the dead.'
"Finkielkraut's words often come to mind as one watches the drowning candidacy of Andrew Cuomo. Last week, Cuomo gurgled and sank, and a Quinnipiac poll placed him 16 points behind the not-particularly-deft campaign of Carl McCall. So Cuomo issued an ad to tell us what he really stands for. 'In President Clinton's cabinet,' he says, 'I stood up to mortgage rip-offs, gun manufacturers, even the KKK.' I love that 'even.' Oh, the mighty KKK! I remember attending a counterdemonstration against the KKK in Washington in 1990. There were six, maybe eight, men not one of them under the age of 70 scheduled to march in their bedsheets and sneakers.
"In Andrew Cuomo, certainly, we have a candidate who will stand up to the Spanish Inquisition, who dislikes Hitler and does not care who knows it, and who will oppose Joe McCarthy with every fiber in his being, should reports of the Wisconsin senator's death prove erroneous."
Christopher Caldwell, writing on "Hill of Beans," in the Aug. 21 issue of the New York Press

"Today we no longer have perverts in society. Perversion has gone mainstream. Homosexual priests inflamed with lust for choir boys, men in passing automobiles luring little girls into their web to look for lost puppy dogs, it's all simply an alternative lifestyle.
"The politically correct crowd tells us we have no right to judge them, or for that matter, anyone else.
"So, are you surprised that children are now being snatched from their bedrooms and front yards, used for the momentary gratification of those advocating their particular alternative lifestyle, and then thrown in the dumpster when their mutilated corpses no longer provide any entertainment value to their attackers?
"Why are you surprised? What did you think was going to happen once society began to celebrate personal perversion? What did you think would happen when the dysfunctional dregs of society were embraced by daytime television talk-show hosts to raise ratings?"
Craige McMillan, writing on "Perverts," Thursday in World Net Daily at www.worldnetdaily.com

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