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You've read about the amazing nobility and unspeakable knavery of individuals throughout the year. Now here's your chance to select your favorite. Who will it be? You decide.
To vote, please send an e-mail to editorial writer Charles Rousseaux ([email protected]) with "Nobles Contest" in the subject line.
Entrees must be received by Dec. 28. You can vote as many times as you like, but spam may not be tallied.
The winner will be announced Jan 4th.
Here are your choices:
The writers and editors at the New York Times for creating a masterpiece of American memory with "Portraits of Grief."
Morgan Kay Beamer, the newborn daughter of "Let's roll" Todd Beamer.
Enron whistle blower Sherron S. Watkins.
Deceased gold-medal-winning speedskater Jack Shea, for his lifelong display of sportsmanship.
The members of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, for refusing to grant Mike Tyson a boxing license.
The airline crew and passengers of United Flight 855, for knocking out, and then dragging out attempted hijacker Pablo Moreira.
Newly knighted Sir Rudolph Giuliani.
U.S. gold medal performers at the Salt Lake Olympics.
Saturday morning's best friend, deceased animator Chuck Jones.
The eight American casualties of Operation Anaconda.
The jurors of Andrea Pia Yates, who found the moral clarity to convict a murderous mother.
Sen. Dick Lugar of Indiana for attempting to extend a nonproliferation project outside of the former Soviet Union.
British High Court Justice Richard Field, for ordering a bite of common sense in a fast-food fracas involving McDonald's and hot coffee.
Elizabeth, Great Britain's Queen Mother, for a lifetime rich in nobility
The Hawaiian government, for bringing its photo-radar system to a shuttering stop.
Supreme Court Justice Byron White, for a lifetime of reticence in speech and rousing personal achievement.
D.C. Police Chief Charles Ramsey, for maintaining control of an ill-tempered mob of anti-something protesters.
The leaders of NASA's Hubble Telescope team for giving us an expansive view of the universe.
Ronald and Nancy Reagan.
Stephen Jay Gould, a principled paleontologist and prolific writer.
The workers who completely cleared away the debris at the site of the World Trade Center months ahead of schedule.
The U.S. men's soccer team, for an incredible World Cup run.
Deceased World War II Medal of Honor winners Gino Merli and Jack C. Montgomery.
Western firefighters, who extinguished a hellish season.
Vice President Dick Cheney, for resisting the urge to grandstand during his brief tenure as "President Cheney."
Medal of Freedom winner and All Star Hank Aaron.
Willis Haviland Carrier, the original cool cat, who created air conditioning a century ago.
Erica Pratt, a 7-year-old Philadelphia resident who managed an epic escape from kidnappers.
Rep. Billy Tauzin, for spending his August recess attempting to save the energy bill.
Spirit Airlines, for inviting individuals to fly free on September 11.
Margarita Chavez and Robert Gann of Abilene, Texas, for selflessly attempting to stop the abduction of an infant.
Bjorn Lomborg, Denmark's skeptical environmentalist and scientific optimist.
Prince George's County Sheriff's Deputies Elizabeth L. Magruder and James V. Arnaud, who were killed in the line of duty.
The individuals who put the Pentagon back together by the one-year anniversary of September 11.
The Danielle van Dam jury, for finding David Westerfield guilty and sentencing him to death.
The winner of a real-life version of "Survivor," marooned sailor Richard van Pham.
Ernie Harwell, the voice of the Detroit Tigers.
Undersecretary for Transportation Security James Loy, for taking a commonsense approach to airport security.
Deceased historian Stephen Ambrose, for bringing the "Greatest Generation" to life.
Baghdad's potentially prophetic protesters.
Former NFL strong safety and newly minted infantryman, Specialist Pat Tillman.
Morgan Wootten, legendary high school basketball coach.
William "Hootie" Johnson, for defending tradition and privacy at Augusta National Golf Club.
Ruth Lilly, for her prodigious, poetic present to the world of words.
Former Reps. Richard Armey and Bob Barr, for soiling their shoes with the ACLU for the sake of civil liberties.
Atlanta Falcons running back Warrick Dunn, for off-field generosity that goes the whole nine yards.
The editors at the New York Times, for equating the religious right with Islamic radicals.
Thomas Junta, for his heavyweight hockey rink homicide of Michael Costin at a junior league rink.
The IRS, for inflicting "audits from hell" on several thousand randomly-selected taxpayers.
Mike Tyson, for tearing into Lennox Lewis during a pre-fight promotion.
The placard-carrying members of the anti-globalization, anti-World Bank, anti-whatever movement.
Author Norman Mailer, for his heart-burning attack on America's "patriotic fever."
Ted Turner for comparing President Bush to Julius Caesar.
The pairs figure skating judges (if you don't remember this gold-medal fiasco, ask any Canadian).
West-Winger and left-winger Aaron Sorkin, for calling President Bush a "bubblehead," during cartoonish interview with New Yorker magazine.
The anomonyous American military officers who were criticizing Operation Anaconda practically before the bullets stopped flying.
Yankee ripper Ruben Rivera, who stole and then sold the bat and glove of former fellow teammate Derek Jeter to a sports memorabilia dealer for $2,500.
Yasser Arafat, for failing to prevent many suicide bombings.
Marion Barry's true believers.
Bill Clinton, for an outrageous interview with Newsweek magazine.
The folks at FAA who continued to send flight correspondence to Ziad al-Jarrah, the terrorist pilot of United Flight 93.
Recently retired Rep. Cynthia McKinney, for a stream of reckless posturing and outrageous remarks.
Actor Robert Blake, for apparently losing so much control of his temper that he murdered his wife.
Rancho Bernardo High School Assistant Principal Rita Wilson and counselor Natalie Johnson for conducting a thong inspection in front of a throng of students awaiting a peep at the prom dance floor.
Planned Parenthood, for an anti-maternal Mother's Day campaign.
The producers and editors at CBS News, for airing clips from the execution tape of Wall Street Journalist Daniel Pearl.
Unprincipled independent Sen. James Jeffords of Vermont.
Harvard commencement speaker Zayed Yasin, for urging his fellow students to apply the idea of jihad to their lives.
Former All-star Ken Caminiti and the rest of baseball's steroid abusers.
Peter Jennings and the pig-headed producers at ABC for vetoing country singer Toby Keith's Fourth of July performance.
The Nickelodeon network, for airing a special on homosexual parenting.
Terry Barton, the Drew Barrymore wanna-be whose fiery hands lit Colorado's huge Hayman fire.
Al Gore, for giving in to the urge to grandstand from any possible platform.
Bud Selig and the rest of the bumblers who turned an All-Star showcase into an All-Star fiasco.
Charles C. Benoit and his cohorts, for their barbecue-style torture of a seven-week-old tabby.
Country singer Steve Earle, for praising Taliban John Walker Lindh in a single.
Senate Democrats, for preventing passage of a prescription drug plan.
Former White House mail-screeners Vernon Coleman and Dane Coleman, who were caught stealing at least $35,000 from the Afghan Children's Fund.
Former MSNBC host Phil Donahue, for giving air time to an anti-American conspiracy theorist.
Mohamed el-Artiss, for running a fake identity papers ring his clients included two of the September 11 hijackers.
The National Organization for Women, for quashing a campaign to educate potential mothers about dangers to female fertility.
Norman O. Taylor, former chief executive of the United Way of the National Capital Area, for appalling fiscal mismanagement.
Bart Sibrel, a loud-mouthed, cartoon caricature of a conspiracy theorist who ambushed astronaut Buzz Aldrin.
The Broadcasting Board of the Voice of America, for forcing Director Bob Reilly to resign.
Maryland political consultant Julius Henson, for his display of demagoguery and idiocy while "helping" Kathleen Kennedy Townsend.
The D.C. Council, for appalling hypocrisy on parking privileges.
Singer Harry Belafonte, for outrageous remarks against Secretary of State Colin Powell.
Crown jewel for the Cuban Intelligence Service, American turncoat Ana Belen Montes.
VH1's producers and program managers, for rocking sensibilities with "Music Behind Bars."
Prosecutors in Maryland, Virginia, Alabama and Washington for their ghoulish fight over the trying of suspected snipers, John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo.
Sticky-fingered starlet Winona Ryder.
Bill Moyers, for his intemperate commentary on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).
U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, for his firm resolution to see no evil in Iraq.
Accused identity thief Philip Cummings.
Vanderbilt mathematics professor Jonathan David Farley, for using an absurd, amoral abacus on Civil War reparations.
The management and mechanics at Alaska Airlines, for terrible, and ultimately terminal negligence on Flight 261.

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