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Navy Sargent

Sargent Shriver is joining forces with former President George Bush to march the ROTC back onto the Yale University campus, where it has been banned since the Vietnam War.

A member of the Yale class of 1938, the Kennedy in-law and former director of the Peace Corps served in the Naval Reserve upon graduation and became a Navy apprentice seaman in February 1941.

"I was called to active duty in April 1941, at which time I was given 30 days' leave of absence to complete the requirements in order to become fully inducted as an operational ensign in the Navy," Mr. Shriver recalled in a letter this week to Rynn Berry, secretary of the Yale class of 1937, which is spearheading the ROTC's return to the Connecticut campus as part of its 65th reunion mission.

"As a consequence," Mr. Shriver continues, "I was put on active duty in June of 1941. As a result, I was the officer in charge of the entire Third Naval District which extended from Maine to South Carolina and out into the Atlantic Ocean. Thousands of sailors and officers of the U.S. Navy were on duty in that very large area.

"Miraculously," he reveals, "I was on active duty on the day that Pearl Harbor was attacked; and I was, in fact, in charge of the entire unit despite my being the youngest officer.

"Thus, it was I, on Sunday, December 7, who issued a call to general quarters. All hell broke loose at that moment! Within 10 to 20 minutes I and the two sailors working with me received phone calls from everywhere within the entire district. Many of the callers started off by swearing at me for issuing a general quarters on a Sunday.

"But when I blasted back at them that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor and killed our men and officers and sunk our ships, they shut up, and slammed down their phones. It will surprise no one, I believe, that within 15 to 25 minutes of when I issued the general quarters' alarm, my office became filled with Naval officers, all of whom were ordering me to get out of the way, which I quickly moved to do."

After that infamous day, Mr. Shriver remained on active duty until 1945.

'Daschle Dubya'

In light of Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle's efforts to invent the verb "to Enron," D.C. political observer James Terpening proposes: "to Daschle."

"It means to softly feign support for your opponent while working to obstruct and undermine his plans," Mr. Terpening explains. "Example: I'm going to try to Daschle the president's budget."

H&R Sam

The Bush administration is being urged to abandon the idea of allowing the Internal Revenue Service to enter the tax preparation business.

"The IRS is a grossly mismanaged agency, having proven time and again that it cannot guarantee accuracy, privacy, security or cost savings when it comes to electronic filing," says Leslie K. Paige, vice president of the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste. "This move would give the federal government new opportunities to snoop into private lives and will be a guaranteed government waste disaster."

And unlike H&R Block, could the IRS actually be trusted to advise tax filers about how to maximize their deductions?

"Permitting the IRS to be both tax collector and tax preparer is a clear conflict of interest and invites all sorts of mischief and abuses," agrees Ms. Paige. "Private accounting and tax preparation firms confidentially advise taxpayers how to legally reduce their tax burdens. Contrarily, it is in the IRS' best interest to maximize tax returns."

Paybacks are hell

"This just goes to show that Hillary [Rodham Clintons] tentacles are everywhere," reacts Washington-area resident Steven J. Allen, who forwards us an actual invoice he received for the renewal of his e-mail account: mastermind@vastrightwingconspiracy.-org.

The invoice was prepared this week by the New York-based Register.com, one of the companies charged with managing the Internet's domain name system (DNS). It reads:

"Total (this fee is non-refundable): $159883.340000002. If you feel that this charge is in error or do not wish to renew branded email service for the email account listed above, please visit the following URL immediately to request a credit. However, please note that requesting a credit will result in the immediate deletion of your email account and all associated email."

Old Buzzard

Finally, regarding our item this week on the four "Enron-funded pundits" Bill Kristol, Lawrence Kudlow, Paul Krugman and Peggy Noonan Inside the Beltway reader John Carrigg of Downers Grove, Ill., observes:

"My idea of media types, especially print media types, were that they got by on meager, under $50,000 per-year, salaries and had a propensity to hit the bottle as a distraction. Are all of you pocketing big fees for your lofty scribblings? Are you drinking Dom [Perignon] and not Old Buzzard?

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