- The Washington Times - Saturday, January 12, 2002

There seems to be some confusion about the, well, confusion at Redskin Park, where Dan Snyder appears to be driving Marty Schottenheimer up the wall or is it out of town?
Make no mistake, that is how things should be. Snyder is the man, the owner, the one who makes the front-office calls, spends the money and has the final say. Schottenheimer is merely coach and general manager, a Snyder employee, and that means that, like it or not, it's Snyder's way or the highway.
Now, having straightened that out, we'll try to simplify a few other storylines in this post-season NFL saga. Former Redskin GM Bobby Beathard is willing to rejoin. (Yeah!) But there are three technicalities. Schottenheimer must go as GM and coach. That's right. Beathard doesn't want Schottenheimer around as coach. Fine. That's Snyder's call, too. The second is the coaching staff. Schottenheimer has made it a personal point of conviction to stand by Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye and his son, Quarterbacks Coach Brian Schottenheimer, so reporters Rick Snider and Jody Foldesy wrote yesterday in The Washington Times. What's that saying about familiarity breeding contempt? By now, Snyder doesn't seem to think much of any of them.
That brings us to the third technicality and one thing that surely is on Snyder's mind (along with former Florida coach Steve Spurrier and Schottenheimer's $7.5 million contract) and on Schottenheimer as well. Snyder, though, has yet to vocalize as much. So leave it to Schottenheimer to speak: "Damn good at it." "It," of course, being his coaching. And Schottenheimer is absolutely a good coach. For that matter, Spurrier is as well.
However, as reporters Snider and Foldesy quoted an NFL source as saying: "This isn't about Marty coaching. This is about Dan Snyder wanting to be more involved." And, we must add at this juncture, this is about Snyder having fun. Snyder saw a dreary FedEx Field on Sunday, a half-empty wet mess. But he's also been watching Schottenheimer all season the GM who called the bad personnel shots and the coach whose son kept Jeff George on as QB.
Indeed, when the Redskins were 0-5 this season, Snyder stood by Schottenheimer, and when the Redskins were 5-5, Snyder didn't say one ill-spoken word about Schottenheimer. Now that the season's over (8-8), it's Snyder's turn to make the tough calls. If that means sending Schottenheimer off on a $7.5-million vacation and welcoming home Bobby Beathard, then so be it. After all, they are Snyder's Redskins.

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