- The Washington Times - Saturday, January 12, 2002

Seen and heard last night at Bradley Center in Milwaukee:

BROWN TO SEE SPECIALIST Concerned that he tires too quickly, the Wizards sent top pick Kwame Brown to see a pulmonary specialist, who put him through a battery of tests. There was no conclusion, but Brown will go for a follow-up Monday.

"I was concerned because he would get tired so quickly," Collins said. "I wanted to get him checked to make sure that he didn't have asthma or anything like that. But when he exercises he gets tired quickly. I know that he's got a lot more energy than what he was showing. He would get tired after five minutes of playing."

Collins has been concerned about this for about six weeks now. At first he though it was from a lack of energy. It could be that Brown is still just not in shape, something that Collins was critical of early in the season. Then again, it could be something more. They emphasized that they would know more about whatever it is Monday.

What they do know is that when Brown exercises, the oxygen level in his blood drops. They also know that it has more to do with his lungs, not his heart. They think it could be a virus, a fungus or something he has had since birth.

"It's not life-threatening or anything like that," trainer Steve Stricker said. "But when he exercises, there is something in the transfer from the lungs to the blood that the oxygen is not getting there. … I wouldn't say that there's a big concern here, but it's perplexing."

John N. Mitchell



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