- The Washington Times - Friday, January 18, 2002

THE HAGUE (Agence France-Presse) An elderly Dutch man remained unaware of the new euro's existence, despite intensive advertising campaigns announcing the guilder's replacement this month.

The 91-year old man had to be taken away by police after arguing for more than two hours over euros he had received in change after buying underwear in the northern town of Groningen.

The unidentified man paid for the briefs in guilders and was given his change in euros, as is obligatory in the Netherlands during the changeover period.

Once at home the man recounted his coins, and believing them to be guilders, thought he had been shortchanged.

He went back to the store to demand the proper change on Tuesday, and after two hours of explanations from the store manager, he was still not convinced that a new currency had been introduced.

Police officers called to the store were also unable to persuade the man to accept the euros, and finally had to escort the protesting pensioner back home.

The police contacted the man's daughter and grandson but it was not known whether they had better luck getting through to him.



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