- The Washington Times - Saturday, January 19, 2002

How very typical of the left. Biologists are caught fabricating evidence, apparently to advance their environmental agenda of excluding human activity from national forests, and so-called watchdog groups start screeching about a right-wing conspiracy (“2 watchdog groups support biologists in lynx hair case,” Jan. 18). When a liar is caught, the left doesn't criticize the liar, they attack those who revealed the lie.

As Paul Craig Roberts so eloquently wrote in his Jan. 17 Commentary column, “Discarding truth,” it fits the dangerous and growing pattern of facts and truth being rendered subservient to the advancement of a political ideology. All this recalls the practice of the old Soviet Union, which used to airbrush out of official photographs party bigwigs who fell into disfavor, rewriting history and also rendering facts and truth subservient to ideology.

That's what makes the left so dangerous. There is no reasoning with them, and they are willing to do literally anything to impose their twisted vision on the rest of us. With their control over the public school system, they are turning out generation after generation of propagandized youth who see nothing wrong with that.

Until conservatives understand that and break the left's iron grip on the minds of the young, the tide will continue to flow inexorably toward the expansion of socialism in this country.


Longmeadow, Mass.

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