- The Washington Times - Saturday, January 19, 2002

Like most educators associated with public school systems, Peggy Cooper Cafritz just doesn't get it (“Education's dollars and sense,” District Forum, Jan. 14). If the government-controlled and government-financed schools had to compete in the business world, as private schools do, they would quickly come to realize that you don't survive by throwing more money into systems that are seriously flawed.

As long as teachers continue to be trained at colleges and universities where the educational psychology of Edward Lee Thorndike, John Dewey and others permeate the curricula of education departments, public schools will continue to fail. Children are not rats or guinea pigs, and they cannot be effectively educated by people who have been trained to view them as such.

Why is it that parents with no “educational” training are getting better results with home-schooling than “certified” teachers accomplish in the public schools?

Why is it that a private school with the same or less funding per student than the D.C. public schools currently spend is able to get vastly superior results?

If Mrs. Cafritz is interested, she can find such schools right here in Northern Virginia. If she were to emulate what they are doing, she could save the D.C. government the additional $338 million in funds that she says is needed and get far better results than she probably realizes are possible.



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