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Sequel agent
"'Austin Powers in Goldmember' finds the anachronistic '60s swinger boogying back to disco's golden age to combat a new nemesis.
"'Goldmember' must rise to the occasion. After all, its 1999 predecessor, 'The Spy Who Shagged Me,' grossed a rousing $205 meeeellion. In fact, the film made as much money its opening weekend as the 1997 original did in its entire theatrical run. For No. 3, [star Mike] Myers and director Jay Roach are on a mission to outdo themselves again.
"Big doings for a film with such humble origins. In 1997, 'Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery' introduced Myers' brainchild, a bawdy British secret agent cryogenically frozen in the '60s and thawed out in our not-so-swinging era. The movie grossed $54 million. But when it became a video phenomenon the corridors of Powers flung open: Myers shot back onto the A list."
Gillian Flynn, writing on "A Stroke of Genius?" in the July 26 issue of Entertainment Weekly

New revolutionaries

"People often ask me what they can do to restore freedom and righteousness in America.
"Let me tell you about one surefire way to get Washington's attention and get our country back on track. I guarantee it will work if even 10 [percent] to 20 percent of Americans follow my advice.
"I'm talking about pulling your children out of the clutches of the government schools.
"It's the right thing to do for your kids and for your country.
"Some 2 million kids in America are now being taught at home a direct result of the declining standards of government schools.
"When that number reaches 5 million, critical mass will have been reached. The whole system will begin to implode. It will mark the beginning of the end of the government monopoly on schools in America. It will mark the beginning of a peaceful revolution.
"It starts with people saying no. It starts with awareness and resistance. It starts with saving your kids from abuse and indoctrination.
"You want to know how to fix your family and your country? The most important step you can take is to pull your kids out of school and to start fulfilling your principal responsibility as a parent educating them.
"It's your job. Take it seriously.
"Make a difference in your child's life, and be part of a gentle revolution to take this country back."
Joseph Farah, writing on "Don't sacrifice your children," Wednesday in World Net Daily at www.worldnetdaily.com

Trash in your head
"Imagine how much money and influence the media corporations would lose if every Christian household in America threw out their television. Our eyes are their lifeblood, and to deny them that is to strip them of their power.
"Television is an unprecedentedly powerful medium, combining rapid sight and sound in a way that has a tremendous psychological effect. Companies wouldn't pay millions of dollars for a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl if this weren't the case.
"The screen is a strange thing. It takes our minds and turns them from active filters into passive absorbers It fosters a laziness and dullness of being that I can't imagine is healthy in large doses.
"The fact that, at age 14, I could watch an Adam Sandler movie without becoming physically ill is a humbling reminder of how human I am, and I know I could slip back into spiritual callousness without much effort. The farther away I've gotten from television and movies, the more remorse I've felt over the trash I've put into my head, and the more I see how much of a hold it still has on my attitudes and outlook."
Bethany Torode, writing on "Avert Thine Eyes," Thursday in Boundless at www.boundless.org

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