- The Washington Times - Monday, July 8, 2002

“Homeschooling and its foes” (Editorial, June 23) does a swell job of focusing on the problems in our public schools. But there are signs of change. We are witnessing here, in Anne Arundel County a microcosm of change for educating children in America. This trend, in which some parents are following the school choice option that many of our privileged elected officials have taken advantage of for years, has reached an increasing number of parents. Parents are opting out of the failed public schools and are sending their children to private schools or taking on the arduous task of home-schooling their children.

The growing cynicism in the public's mind has been fueled by the fact that our elected officials only provide lip service and make promises about instituting changes in education. Which politician in particular? From having talked to many of them in various forums it's safe to say that the majority of Maryland's elected officials (federal, state and county) are guilty. Many parents finally realize these emperors have no clothes.

The most effective way to overcome the incompetence of the administrators of public schools, the aggressive political power of the teachers unions and the ineffectiveness of our elected officials is to encourage the growing number of energized parent-citizens.

What is happening in Anne Arundel County? Home-schooling is expanding with separate home-schooling groups joining in cohesive, mutually supportive larger groups; private school facilities are expanding to the extent that in some cases larger class sizes are encouraged; new private schools are being funded and constructed. And waiting lists exist. Other schools are using temporary facilities to hold classes as new schools are being built. All to accommodate an ever increasing number of children leaving the public schools.

This evolutionary process is gaining momentum in the county. Many parents realize public schools brainwash children by teaching them self-esteem and nonjudgmentalism, multiculturalism and subversive lifestyles. In the meantime, useful subjects such as math, English and science are given short shrift.

Probably there are many other local communities across the country going through this parent-driven evolutionary change in education. Maybe this quiet, ongoing evolution in Anne Arundel County will serve as an example to other communities across the country.


Odenton, Md.

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