- The Washington Times - Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Is it not crystal clear to Europe (that has poured over $1.5 billion into Yasser Arafat's coffers over the last 15 years) that his merciless Palestine Liberation Army Arab tyranny is using its money to make war on little democratic Israel? (The majority of that money is salted away in Swiss banks under Mr. Arafat's name)

If the German government sponsored despicable suicide bombers sneaking into Paris and Strasbourg to slaughter dozens of French citizens, including women and children, would France stand idle doing nothing? If Greece did the same, would Turkey do nothing?

In 1916, a Mexican military force invaded Douglas, Ariz., and killed two American citizens. On President Wilson's orders, U.S. Army cavalry under Gen. John Pershing drove 150 miles into Mexico seeking to destroy the offending force.

The Jewish people have a very powerful claim to the Holy Land, as anyone who reads the Bible can discern. Actually it is called the Holy Land because of the history of Christianity for more than 2,000 years, and Judaism for almost 4,000 years. Jerusalem is of only tertiary importance to Islam, which has Mecca and Medina as its primary holy sites. In fact, the Great Mosque in Jerusalem was built after 620 A.D. on the ruins of the Second Jewish Temple (which was destroyed by the Roman Army in 70 A.D.) as a sign of respect for the Jewish religion. The Prophet Mohammed learned from the Jewish and Christian communities in Arabia that he knew then. about 600 A.D. Thus the Koran quotes at length from the Bible.

In response to Israel's fantastic Oslo-inspired, generosity in bringing Mr. Arafat and his murderous terrorist gang back from Tunisia and helping organize and arm their police force, the corrupt Arafat tyranny has declared total war on the people of Israel.

Yet, even now, in wartime, poor sick Arabs (even Arab wounded murderers) are treated in the famous Jewish Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem at no charge, receiving the same humane, superb, world-class care that Israeli citizens receive. This was being done even before Israel was founded in 1948.

In 1967, after Jordan attacked, and Israel seized Jerusalem and the "West Bank," i.e. Judea and Samaria, from Jordanian control, Arab women with children immediately showed up with faded cards, unused since 1948, asking for Hadassah's free medical care.

Clearly the objective of Mr. Arafat, Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, and other Arab terrorist gangs is to destroy Israel and drive the Jewish people into the sea, except for those they keep as slaves. (Is Europe aware that Sudanese Arabs even today still capture black Africans to be their slaves?). Just as the French and other European resistance fighters fought the Nazi tyranny, Israel will fight the Arafat PLA homicide murderers and win.

Has anti-Semitism so deeply infected Europe, less than 60 years after the Holocaust, that Europe denies Israel the right to resist the war begun by Mr. Arafat? Sure, war is hell. But, if every few days Arab homicide bombers were blowing up Parisian cafes, schools, and buses, and French body parts and blood were strewn all over the Place Madeleine or Boulevard Montparnasse, how would France react?

My late father, a soldier wounded in action with the U.S. Army in France in 1918, respected French soldiers. I believe he would never predict that France would meekly say, "Non, no counterattack, we will merely sit down and negotiate while these Arabs murder our women, our girls and boys." But that is precisely what most of Europe, the wealthy supplier of funds and banker for contemptible Muslim terrorism, is demanding of Israel.

Consider the huge world Muslim community of 1.2 billion, with only six Nobel Prize winners (and one Peace Prize winner is Yasser Arafat). Yet,despite anti-Semitism, the world Jewish community, only 14 million strong, has won more than 110 Nobel Prizes (including those with one Jewish parent). Of these, 31 are in physics (one is to Albert Einstein), and 44 are in medicine (including one to Jonas Salk).

By the grace of God, and with the help of America, our tiny Israeli ally will survive the despicable onslaught of Arab/Muslim homicide bombers (provided with money and weapons by Iraq, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia), and continue to contribute to the progress of all the democracies in the world.

Howard Greyber, an astrophysicist formerly with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, writes on matters of national and international concern.

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