- The Washington Times - Saturday, June 22, 2002

Nobles: Gino Merli and Jack C. Montgomery, who put their lives on the line to provide a safe harbor for posterity. Both men, each a Medal of Honor winner for heroic actions during World War II, died peacefully this week.
Lt. Montgomery won his honor for single-handedly storming three German strongpoints during a pre-dawn firefight in the Battle of Anzio. By the time the sun came up on Feb. 22, 1944, he had killed 11 enemy soldiers and taken 32 more prisoner. Mr. Merli became a hero the night of Sept. 4, 1944, when he held up the advance of a German patrol of about 100 men, simply by refusing to leave his machine-gun post. He stayed after his assistant had been killed; he stayed after the rest of the men in his unit had retreated or been captured; he stayed after he had repelled attack after attack; he even stayed after he had been stabbed four times by Germans as he played dead. When the sun finally came up, Mr. Merli had left about 2,000 shell casings and 52 dead Germans on the battlefield, with 19 immediately in front of his position.
Both men went from battlefield heroes to builders of the nation. Mr. Montgomery found a job with the Veterans Administration, married, and settled down in Muskogee, Okla., where he enjoyed his family, his friends and his fishing. Mr. Merli also found work with the Veterans Administration, married and raised three children.

Knave: The Nickelodeon network, for airing a special on homosexual parenting and thus destroying its status as a safe harbor for children's programming.
Parents interested in protecting their progeny from potentially perverse programming might wish to switch from Nickelodeon to a more innocuous network … like ABC. After all, at least "NYPD Blue" gives good examples of bad words and bad behaviors. It also tends to show that bad actions have bad consequences (David Caruso, where are you?). In contrast, the "Nick News" special, hosted by Linda Ellerbee, spent half-an-hour preaching for a practically value-free world, in which perhaps the only thing better than being a homosexual parent is being a homosexual parent.
Indeed, beyond the seedy subject matter (which was excruciatingly inappropriate for the network's typical viewers), perhaps the most intolerable thing about the television special was its incessant blather about tolerance. After all, tolerance is, well, tolerable but too much tolerance is an invitation to anarchy. Just ask any parent or teacher.
America was founded and continues to be preserved by those who are willing to fight intolerable acts, whether they be unjust taxation or autocratic tyranny. The globe would have been gravely darkened if heroes like Mr. Montgomery and Mr. Merli had simply tolerated Hitler and his ilk.
If Nickelodeon really cares about children, it should take a cue from the generation that somehow managed to save the nation without being taught about "tolerance" or homosexual parenting.

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