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Darwinian dogma
"Harvard professor Stephen Jay Gould, 60, died May 20 in his home in New York City. Dr. Gould, a paleontologist, gained world renown as a spokesman for his theory on evolution called 'punctuated equilibrium'(PE). His theory attempted to answer why no fossils have been found that show gradual transition of one species into another, as most proponents of evolution believe .
"Most public schools and universities still teach the classic Darwinian concept that one species can evolve into another through a process of incremental changes over great lengths of time. However, Dr. Gould recognized that the fossil record does not support such a 'gradualism' theory
"Even though the fossil record shows that new species appeared on the earth abruptly and fully formed, as described in the Biblical book of Genesis, Dr. Gould held to the view that the appearance of new species can be explained by his PE theory. He remained an opponent of teaching any form of 'creation science' in the classrooms and considered human evolution merely 'a fortuitous cosmic afterthought.'"
Al Dobras, writing on "Evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould Dies," in the May 29 Culture and Family Report at www.cultureandfamily.org

Rather nasty
"Dan Rather not only refused to apologize to Attorney General John Ashcroft for insinuating on 'Imus in the Morning' [May 22] that Ashcroft used private aircraft last year because he knew terrorists might hijack a commercial flight, he lashed out at Ashcroft for daring to question Rather's claim: 'It probably would be better for him to spend a little less time trying to, you know, sully up my reputation in some way, cover his own backside, and a little more time in Let's get this thing straight.'
"Rather smarmily blasted Ashcroft: 'At the same time he's cutting back the anti-terrorism budget, he's arranging for a private plane to fly himself around. That doesn't look particularly good.'
"Rather passed along the vile claim that the fact that Attorney General Ashcroft was 'inexplicably' using private aircraft last year proves he feared a terrorist hijacking. An hour later, NBC's Jim Miklaszewski informed Imus that Ashcroft's private plane use had nothing to do with terrorism and was prompted by personal threats on his life.
"Rather asserted that 'just before September 11' Ashcroft 'started inexplicably taking private aircraft to places where normally the attorney general wouldn't take private aircraft, you know, government planes. Well, that would indicate that somebody somewhere was getting pretty worried, but if you're going to share that with the attorney general, you know, why wasn't it shared with the public at large?'"
Brent Baker, from the Media Research Center's May 28 "Cyber Alert," at www.mrc.org

Boycott Vermont?
"It is time to cancel that trip to Vermont. Be sure to tell the Vermont Chamber of Commerce why you aren't coming and drop a note to the Burlington Free Press to let the state's leading paper know as well. The Vermont tourism industry can thank Pat Leahy, the father of the mother of all Senate boycotts. Vermonters may learn that what goes around, comes around.
"Democrats celebrated the anniversary of Jim Jefford's big bounce with a small crowd and some television cameras. Jeffords walked down the steps of the Capitol, was greeted by Tom Daschle, and promptly went off-message.
"Jeffords began by greeting his 'good friend' Pat Leahy, and asked for a hand for the excitable chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. A couple of obligatory claps later Leahy's not a popular guy even in his own caucus Jeffords got to the heart of the matter: 'Pat, I sleep better at night knowing that you are picking the judges.'"
Hugh Hewitt, writing on "Just Say No to Vermont," Wednesday in World Net Daily at www.worldnetdaily.com

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